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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

The best CDMs to sign in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Whether you prefer an anchor man or a deep-lying playmaker we have a defensive midfielder to give your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team a solid foundation.
A great defensive midfielder (CDM) is the fulcrum of many top sides. Whether you prefer to play with a anchor man, deep-lying playmaker or a regista getting the right player for this position is key to success.
No matter what role you want your CDM to take their are a couple of key stats that you should look out for when you are in the market for one including, but certainly not limited to:
  • Standing tackle
  • Interceptions
  • Physicallity
  • Short passing
  • Vision 
  • Stamina

But what defenisve midfielder should you pick up for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? To help you out we have compiled a list of 8 top DMs, across a range of prices, and from the top 5 leagues to give you an idea of who you could pick up.

Please note: All prices are taken from FUTBIN's database and are subject to change.

The best DMs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Fernando Reges - Sevilla FC

OVR: 83

Cost: 1,400-2,200

best CDM in FIFA 21 ultimate team Fernando Rega
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Reges isn't your typical Brazilian footballer, where some create with rainbow-flicks and samba samba football, Reges on the other hand is much more comfortable putting a stop to all of that.

This guy is a beast, with 82 Stamina, 71 Strength, and 85 Aggression coupled with his strong defensive stats mean getting by this guy isn't easy.

A relatively cheap price make him a great pick-up.

Lucas Torreira - Atlético de Madrid

OVR: 81

Cost: 700-950

Lucas Torreira best defensive midfielder in fifa 21
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Staying in Spain but a player with a slightly different player profile is Uruguay's Lucas Torreira formerly of Arsenal but now plying his trade at Atlético de Madrid.

Toerreira has everyone you need in a great CDM including some good speed helping him get up and down the field and quickly close down attackers. Great Balance and Agility stats help him nip the ball from the trickiest attackers.

Marten de Roon - Atalanta

OVR: 81

Cost: 700-950

Best CDM in FIFA 21
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Marten de Roon is a cool, calm and collected CDM. Great densive stats, tall in height and capable on the ball make him a reliable anchor-man.

Konrad Laimer  - RB Leipzig 

OVR: 82

Cost: 850-900 

fifa 21 dms(Picture: FUTBIN)

The Austrian CDM is as solid as they come in the defensive department, however, he shines as a speedy defensive midfielder with great Pace to compete against almost any fast-moving strikers in the game.

His great stamina also ensures he'll never run out of gas even going into the final minutes of a tense match.

Denis Zakaria - Borussia Mönchengladbach

OVR: 83

Cost: 3,400-4,000

Denis Zakaria FUT
(Photo: FUTBIN) 
Zakaria is a complete package when it comes to CDM's, not only he has well-rounded defensive and physical statistics, his pace will make sure you can keep in check speedsters like very few defensive midfielders can.

Perhaps his biggest weakness is his poor jumping and could be beaten in the air by a lot of competitors, but while the ball is on the ground, he's a sure bet to start in almost any team.

Eric Dier - Tottenham

OVR: 78

Cost: 700

(Photo: FUTBIN) 
Tottenham's very own Eric Dier is a cheap bargain of a CDM to add to any up and comer player in FIFA Ultimate Team.

He's not fast enough to be considered a top-tier candidate as a reliable defensive midfielder, but for less than 1,000 Coins you can get yourself a good squad player with defensive utility and psychically powerful to use as a substitute.

Fred - Manchester United

OVR: 81

Cost: 14,000-20,000

Fred Manchester United
(Photo: FUTBIN) 
Now, before you scoff at us, listen up, Fred is a high priced commodity, and the market value is completely justified in this case.

His pace is decent enough to keep him in contention with top of the line defensive midfielders, but where he shines is on his ability to mix great defensive stats such as Interceptions and Standing Tackle with his technical capabilities, proving him a key element for any player that wishes to use a passing style of play.

Thomas Delaney - Borussia Dortmund

OVR: 81

Cost: 1,000-1,200

(Photo: FUTBIN) 
For our final pick, the Danish CDM is perhaps one of the best bargains in the entire game, regardless of position. Not only his cost in a cheap bracket, oscillating between 1,000 and 1,200, but he excels at almost every key stat a defensive midfielder should shine at.

Physical, good defensive prowess, and very good speed stats make of Delaney a must-have for virtually any FUT squad in the world.

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Finally, don't forget to check out our dedicated FIFA Twitter account, @FIFA_Sauce, for more things on FIFA 21!