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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

The best strikers to sign in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Goals win games and signing the right striker for your FIFA Ultimate Team will put you on the path to success. Here are the best value strikers you can pick up in FIFA 21.

There is no better feeling than signing your ideal striker, the man that is going to bag you goals and make memories.

That is why signing the best striker you possibly can for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is going to be crucial as you look to make your team a succesful one.

But what striker, or strikers, should you pick up in FIFA 21. To help you out we have compiled a list of 8 strikers, all of different price ranges, and from the top 5 leagues to give you an idea of who you could pick up.

Please note: All prices are taken from FUTBIN's database and are subject to change.

The best strikers in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Romelu Lukaku - Inter Milan

OVR: 85

Cost: 6,200-6,500

FIFA 21 Ultimate team best strikers
(Picture: FUTBIN)

I am probably not revealing any secrets here but Lukaku can score goals, and lots of them. In his 40 league appearances for Inter Milan he has scored 27 goals with his combination of physicality, speed and finishing ability making him the ideal FUT striker.

He isn't the cheapest striker on this list (infact he's the most expensive) but at between 6,2500-6,500 coins depending on your platform, and playing in Italy, for Inter, Belgian etc. He is an absolute bargain.

Ante Rebic - A.C Milan

OVR: 79

Cost: 800-900

Ante Rebic cheaper strikers FUT 21 Ultimate Team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Playing for the red half of Milan, Croatia's Ante Rebic is a clinical striker who won't need many chances to find it in the back of the net.

His strength and pace make him viable in a number of systems and at 800-900 coins is an absolute steal.

Moussa Dembélé - Olympique Lyonnais

OVR: 81

Cost: 700-850

cheap strikers in fifa 21 ultimate team FUT
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Dembélé has a lot going for him, great finishing stats, physicality and pace for days there is no doubt the Lyon man will find the back of the net.

Cristian Manzanera - Real Sociedad

OVR: 83

Cost: 2,700-3,400

cheap strikers fut 21(Picture: FUTBIN)

If you like your strikers fast, then Real Sociedad's Manzanera or 'Portu' for short is as quick as they come with 90 acceleration and sprint speed. His strong passing stats also make him great for link-up play with his ability to play on the wing making him a versatile and complete attacker.

Iago Aspas - RC Celta

OVR: 84

Cost: 3,500-4,300

Iago Aspas FUT 21
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Aspas might of not made much of an impact when he played at Liverpool F.C but since his return to LaLiga to play for RC Celta he has light up the league with bags of superb goals.

His dribbling means he can beat a man and find space in the tighest of corners and when he does get a chance his shooting stats mean he doesn't miss many.

Joaquín Correa - Lazio

OVR: 85

Cost: 800-950

Correa FIFA 21 ultimate team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Lazio's Correa is a steal if you can pick him up at his current market rate, quick and tricky with four star skills and weak foot make Correa a potential star in any side.

His shooting isn't great, but he has good short passing making him a true trequartista.

Victor Osimhen - Napoli S.C

OVR: 79

Cost: 800-850

Victor Osimhen FIFA 21
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Napoli have always been gifted with great strikers from Maradona to Cavani, and looking to step into those admittedly huge shoes is Nigeria's Victor Osimhen. 

If Osimhen is anything its a goalscorer. Good jump, plenty of staminam boasting 92 sprint speed and lethal finishing. His passing and dribbling perhaps let him down but play play in balls over the top and few defenders are going to catch him.

Andy Delort - Montpellier HSC

OVR: 79

Cost: 800-850

cheap ST fifa 21 ultimate team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Delort at 29 years of age has been plying his trade at a number of clubs during his career but since his move to French side Montpellier he has grown in stature. Quick across the grass, strong and with a great shot at 800-850 coins Delort can find a place in many teams.


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