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How To Earn XP Faster To Level Cars In Forza Motorsport

Sometimes, practice does make perfect as it can help players earn XP and level their cars faster to unlock more car performance parts in Forza Motorsport.
How To Earn XP Faster To Level Cars In Forza Motorsport
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Turn 10 Studios took a different approach to leveling or upgrading cars in Forza Motorsport. Unlike previous entries where players would spend their hard-earned Credits to purchase performance upgrades and cars themselves, for their latest racing sim, they've implemented another system for players to get the upgrades they need.

Car XP is the answer to this all-important question, as players can earn XP through progression, although entirely separate from Credits, and get the upgrades they need. If you're learning how to earn XP to level your cars much quicker, we've explained in this guide how to achieve this in Forza Motorsport.

What Is Car XP & How To Use In Forza Motorsport?

As explicitly stated, earning Car XP is entirely separate from Credits, although both can be earned or acquired similarly. While Credits are now utilized to buy cars only, the XP gained from races gets converted into Car Points and then used for purchasing performance upgrades for your cars covering many aspects of the car, from Fuel and Air to Engine, Tires, Drivetrain, and more.

forza motorsport currency guide how to earn xp faster how to use xp car points install upgrades
The XP earned from races can be used as Car Points to spend on performance upgrades. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Players can install the upgrades manually or utilize the Quick Upgrade option, which installs upgrades you can afford. As for the parts themselves, they unlock at a specific Car Level, which you can then install, and if you're unhappy with the car part, you'll be refunded the Car Points spent on that part.

They can upgrade their cars by heading to the Cars menu and selecting Upgrade & Tune before choosing the car they wish to upgrade. It can also be done before each race during the Builders Cup Career Mode; as such, players must prioritize how they'll be spending the Car Points.

Best Ways To Earn XP Quicker In Forza Motorsport

Ideally, to earn XP faster in Forza Motorsport so that players can level their cars by simply racing! It may seem simple enough; however, a few tricks can help you earn XP much faster to receive more Car Points.

The best way to earn XP faster in Forza Motorsport is by participating in the Open Practice runs during races for the Builders Cup Career Mode and Featured Multiplayer playlists. While in practice, they'll receive a handful of objectives to complete, which awards them with XP, completing the practice session and getting a faster lap time.

forza motorsport currency guide how to earn xp faster open practice race objectives segment score
Completing race objectives during practice runs or producing a high Segment Score are some ways players can earn XP fast. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

Another way to earn more XP is from Segment Score, another new mechanic where your driving skills will be assessed during a specific section of the track. This is compared against an in-game algorithm, which evaluates how the car should be performing against how they performed.

This can provide valuable knowledge as it will inform your current performance and weaknesses in real time, and the final Segment Score will be awarded. Depending on how good or bad the Segment Score is, they'll receive XP accordingly, as it's advised to do their best during the Segment Score section.

Other notable racing actions that can help players earn XP faster include overtaking cars, clean driving, completing races, or a series from the Builders Cup or Featured Multiplayer. Ultimately, players must get behind the wheel, join a race or series, and participate in those practice rounds to accumulate as much XP as possible to level up their cars faster and receive Car Points to install upgrades.

Forza Motorsport will be available on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Windows PC, and Steam. Players who've pre-ordered the game will receive Early Access, which begins on 5th October 2023.