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Windblume Festival Anecdotes Act III guide - Genshin Impact

The celebration of the Windblume Festival continues, as we follow the results of Venti and his romantic poetry masterclass.
Windblume Festival Anecdotes Act III guide - Genshin Impact

As the Windblume Festival continues after its arrival in Update 1.4, players around the world have enjoyed everything the event has to offer through its exclusive mini-games and rewards.

Next up, we will guide you to complete Act III of the main missions of the event, “Realm of Fog and Wind”.

You can also check our guides around the other quests from the Festival, from Act I, “Ode to Flower and Cloud”, and Act II, “Missive of Cloud and Fog”.

Realm of Fog and Wind

To start this mission, you will have to go to the Alchemy table located in Mondstadt to meet Venti, who will be there to collect Timaeus's poem. However, Timaeus has been busy with an alchemy recipe commissioned by Sucrose, which he has not been able to decipher.

Since deciphering its contents is too difficult for everyone, you will have to take the recipe to Albedo, who will be at Dragonspine base camp.

Windblume Festival Anecdotes Act III guide
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Once you give Albedo the recipe, you will go for some materials that he will ask you to create something on his alchemy table: the Tetratanic Sweet Flower. When your interaction is over, you will have to return to Mondstadt and deliver the flower to Sucrose.

Sucrose will be very anxious after seeing the flower, so she will go quickly to search for nutrients for her research. After this, you will proceed to read Timaeus's poem, which will impress everyone with its good literary style. Once this is done you will go to the Cathedral.

When you arrive here, Barbara will receive you scared, announcing that Bennett has disappeared after his trip to the Thousand Winds Temple, so you will have to go there to discover his whereabouts.

Windblume Festival Anecdotes Act III guide Genshin impact
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You will have to face a Ruin Guard in order to rescue Bennett along with Razor, who will be locked in a cell in the Temple. You will only have to activate the mechanism next to the cell to release them.

Right here you'll find out that Barbara's intimidation letter and gift from Act II was something made by her fan club, whom you met during Act I, and who were just trying to impress her and show her admiration.

Bennett and Razor will explain how they ended up in this situation, after Razor hid in the Temple and when Bennett tried to rescue him, they ended up locked up. Once everything is resolved, it will be time to listen to Bennett's poem, being a sincere work but with the style of an adventurer.

Windblume Festival Anecdotes Act 3 mission guide
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You will have to go to the tavern, where you will be met by Diluc, Rosaria and Kaeya, who will give you the news that you have been chosen as the Windblume Star of the Festival, for which you will have a great role in the main Ceremony of the event in the Act IV.

After a long conversation between everyone present, you will only have to leave the tavern and the mission will be over. You will receive 60 Primogems, 3 Hero's Wit and 30,000 Mora.

The Sound of Discord

For this quest, you will have to go to the Mondstadt statue to meet Vile, who will ask for your help to find a Treasure Hoarder infiltrated in the city. She will tell you a phrase with which you can identify the suspect, who will be near the tavern.

Adventurers in Windblume
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When you say the secret phrase, he will think that you are one of his own and will tell you that they will all meet at Windrise. The Knights will take the suspect and now you must go to the Treasure Hoarders camp to stop them.

The Sound of discord guide
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When you finish with them, you just have to go back to Vile to report what happened, and the mission will be over. You will receive 20 Primogems, 2 Hero's Wit and 20,000 Mora.

Adventurers in Windblume

You will have to go to the base camp on the Dragonspine mountain, where you will have to talk to Iris. She will ask you to take pictures of two scenic spots in Dragonspine.

Windblume Dragonspine mountain
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Windblume 3 guide
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Once you take the photos, you will return to Iris who will ask you to take them to Cyrus, the Branch Master of the Adventurers' Guild. Upon arrival with him, he will ask for your help to use these photos as recruiting material with some citizens around the Mondstadt statue.

When you finish the recruitment, you will return to Cyrus who will give you a letter that you must deliver to Iris. Once delivered, the mission will be over. You will receive 20 Primogems, 2 Hero's Wit and 20,000 Mora.

The final Festival missions belonging to Act IV "Dream of Wind and Flowers" will be unlocked on the 28th March.