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Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Best Team Comp, Path, & More

Here is everything you need to know about Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5.
Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Best Team Comp, Path, & More

Simulated Universe is one of the most innovative and enjoyable gameplay modes in Honkai Star Rail. Exploring a Roguelike dungeon while defeating enemies and acquiring niche buffs is very entertaining and infinitely replayable. There are 6 Worlds in Honkai Star Rail's Simulated Universe, each with varying levels of difficulty. World 5 poses a particularly personal challenge as players will be facing off against the Stellaron Hunter herself, Kafka.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 can be a little tricky if you don't have the correct team composition or choose beneficial Blessings. That's where we come in. This article will cover everything you need to know about Simulated Universe World 5!

Honkai Star Rail
Kafka is the last boss of World 5. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 5 Guide

Players shouldn't have too much trouble defeating lesser mobs or Elite enemies in Simulated Universe, as long as your team, Traces, and Relics are at the appropriate level. The final boss, Kafka, however, is a different story entirely. 

Kafka has a different move set than she does in the Trailblaze Mission battle, meaning players will need to adopt some different strategies if they plan on taking her down. 

Best Team Composition

Kafka is weak to Physical, Wind, and Imaginary Element types. While the only available Imaginary characters for players to use are premium gacha characters like Welt, there are plenty of Physical and Wind options for free-to-play players to use. Here is an example free-to-play team build below:

Dan Heng will likely be your most powerful DPS at this point as a free-to-play player, making him perfect for dealing with Kafka. The Physical Trailblaze is another option, but you may want to forego this in favor of keeping them in their more durable Preservation form. This leaves Natasha as your healer able to support them team and deal chip damage to Kafka's weakness bar. The final slot is more of a flex pick but March 7th is great for freezing enemies. Here is an example of a more premium team:

Welt is able to deal tons of Imaginary damage, leaving Clara or Sushang to deal Physical damage. Natasha will still be your healer of choice, considering her Element, and Bronya is invaluable when it comes to cleansing Kafka's many debuffs that force you to attack your teammates. Finally, for those with Clara:

  • Clara (Physical)

Clara is able to solo most Simulated Universe content in the game but requires the Path of Abundance or Destruction to sustain herself indefinitely.

Honkai Star Rail
Clara is a great option against Kafka. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Best Path

It is recommended to choose the Path of Abundance when facing Kafka if you want to be very safe. This provides passive healing (Path Resonance: Anatta), allowing you to weather the storm of her flurry of attacks. If enough Blessings are chosen, heals will also cleanse all debuffs. Kafka tends to try and debuff the team, so having access to a free cleanse is invaluable. Destruction is also another great option, and players should pick up Blessings that increase their durability.

And that's everything you need to know about Simulated Universe World 5!