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Legends of Runeterra showcases its latest champion, Lulu

As Riot prepares to launch the Call of the Mountain set of cards, we got our first look at the second champion of the Targon region.

Legends of Runeterra will debut the Call of the Mountain set of cards this next 26th August, and Riot Games has given us a look at the second champion of the Targon region, Lulu, just two days after debuting Taric on the 12th.

With the debut of this update, the devs are kicking off a whole new schedule for the next content drops coming to the free-to-play card game. Call of the Mountain will be the main focus until December, so fans can expect hundreds of unique cards and champions in the near future.

The newest champion, Lulu, has some interesting mechanics tied to her, boasting the Support keyword, she's able to power up an ally up to 4 attack and 4 defense.

All images courtesy of Riot Games

Lulu Legends of Runeterra

Lulu's level 2 version adds a +1 to the buffs she gives an ally, making her a powerful supporting champion. On top of this new champion, a few more cards were also unveiled, take a look at them below:

Legends of runeterra call of the mountain cards

If you want to learn all about the new cards, champions, keywords, and important dates regarding the Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain set, check out our article where we break down everything for you.

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