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New Ruination cards revealed for LoR, featuring Viego and Ruined Dragons supports

The Ruin makes its way into Legends of Runeterra, with the addition of Ruination-themed cards and the debut of Viego.
New Ruination cards revealed for LoR, featuring Viego and Ruined Dragons supports

The latest expansion of Legends of Runeterra, Rise of the Underworlds, will have a big twist in the next few days as the arrival of the Black Rist into Runeterra will bring a new mini set of corrupted cards, as Viego’s makes his debut in Riot’s card game.

The upcoming Ruination-themed event has been teased around all of Riot’s titles, with League of Legends getting most of the attention with the Rise of the Sentinels, and Teamfight Tactics with the release of its new expansion, Dawn of Heroes.

So now it’s the turn to review some of the biggest releases that will arrive at LoR as part of this limited-time event.

The Ruined King enters the battlefield

Of course, we must start with the debut of Viego into Legends of Runeterra, bringing the power of the Ruin coming from his dark, corrupted heart.

Viego will be a 6/5 five-mana card that will count with the Fearsome trait, meaning he can only be blocked by enemies that have three ATK or more.

The main skill of Viego is a passive that creates an Encroaching Mist the first time an ally dies in a single round, while his level up will be activated when the destroyed allied cards sum a total of 20 power. Each Encroaching Mist grants all allied Viegos and other Mists everywhere +1/+1.

Legends of Runeterra Ruination Viego cards
(Picture: Riot Games)

In his Ascended form, Viego will count with a new skill that steals the strongest enemy at the beginning of the round, however if that card is a champion, it will be destroyed instead.

New Ruined Dragons support cards

For the first time, Dragon cards from outside Demacia and Targon will be available within the game, with Black Mist bringing three new kinds Ruined beasts, powered with Fury and Fearsome traits.

Legends of Runeterra Ruination Kadregrin the Ruined Camavoran Dragon cards
(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with Kadregrin the Ruined, this six-mana Dragon counts with 6/6 stats and a new ability that grants allied Dragons and Champions with the Challenger keyword permanently.

The Camavoran Dragon is a four-mana Dragon coming from the Shadow Isles, wielding 4/3 stats and comes with a powerful passive that activates whenever you slay an enemy unit, it will drain 1 HP from the enemy Nexus. However, to play it you must strike an ally with its power, or deal 3 damage to your Nexus.

Legends of Runeterra Ruination Crawling Viperwyrm Ruined Dragonguard cards
(Picture: Riot Games)

The Crawling Viperwyrm features the same Play effect from the Camavoran Dragon, however it will be a two-mana unit with 3/2 stats. Finally, the Ruined Dragonguard will be powered by the Dragons and Viego’s attacks, as each time an ally with Fury kills a unit, its power will increase by +1/+1.

Other cards featured in Viego’s mini set

Some of the other cards teased within this mini-expansion include the Camavoran Soldier, a 3/3 three-mana unit that creates an Encroaching Mist when summoned, and the powerful Thrumming Swarm, an 8/4 seven-mana card that creates a copy of itself if you have levelled a champion before summoned it.

Legends of Runeterra Ruination Camavoran Soldier Thrumming Swarm Viego’s Despair cards
(Picture: Riot Games)

Last but not least, a couple of cards around Viego will be featured as well, these being the four-mana Despair and Viego’s Despair. Both can strike the enemy Nexus directly, however the latter will be more powerful as it can create a Viego in your deck instantly.

The Ruination-themed cards will be available on Legends of Runeterra on 14th July.

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