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Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class – Release date, skills, and more

Lost Ark is introducing the Destroyer Advanced Class in the May update. Here are all the skills, Engravings, and weapons they'll bring along.
Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class – Release date, skills, and more

Lost Ark's May content update will introduce players to a new Advanced Class for the Warriors of Arkesia. The Destroyer Advanced Class is considered a pure tank character with an explosive moveset and skills while wielding a colossal weapon in battle.

Developer Smilegate detailed what you can expect from this latest Advanced Class and whether the Destroyer is the right build for you. This guide explores everything about the Destroyer Advanced Class, including its release, skills, engravings, and more.

Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class – Release date

Lost Ark developer Smilegate confirmed that the Destroyer Advanced Class would be arriving in-game as part of the upcoming May content update launching on 19th May 2022. The Destroyer is the fourth Advanced Class, alongside Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer for the Warrior class.

lost ark character class guide destroyer warrior class berserker paladin gunlancer
The Destroyer Advanced Class is now one of four for the Warrior class in Lost Ark. (Picture: Smilegate)

According to the official description on the Lost Ark Academy, the Destroyer Advanced Class is a highly explosive and "heavy-hitting" character that possesses plenty of health, can generate shields, and has gravitational charged attacks to deliver vast amounts of Stagger damage.

"Armed with a variety of skills centered around charging into the heart of the fray, their hammer attacks are so catastrophically crushing that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing, and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them."

Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class – Overview

As we'll explain later in the guide, the Destroyer Advanced Class has a unique set of skills and weapons centered around Gravity Cores and its Gravity Hammer. The Concentration skills allow the character to charge its attacks up to three Gravity Cores, while the Gravity Release skills can also consume these Gravity Cores to produce a shield.

Using just one of these Gravity Cores will grant you a 10% DMG bonus, which can be used towards a Gravity Release skill and 10% of max HP towards your shield. This multiplies when you use more Gravity Cores: 25% DMG bonus and 20% max HP for your shield at two Gravity Cores consumed and 45% DMG bonus and 30% max HP when all three Cores are consumed.

Additionally, it has an Identity Skill, Hypergravity Mode, which is triggered once your Gravity Meter is fully charged through combat. This allows you to slow down the movement and attack speed of in-range enemies while gaining a temporary shield.

The result makes you immune to all incoming attacks, debuffs, pushes, and negative effects. Furthermore, your default attack gains a massive boost if you lose any skills during Hypergravity Mode to inflict more damage and gain a new attack, Vortex Gravity.

lost ark character class guide destroyer hypergravity mode skills seismic hammer triggered
When in Hypergravity Mode, it's possible to lose any skills like the Seismic Hammer skill once triggered. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

The Vortex Gravity sees you striking your hammer downwards to deal initial damage, which launches a gravitational explosion once it hits the ground. You can pull enemies towards the explosion to inflict additional damage within the 6-meter radius,

Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class Skills

The Destroyer Advanced Class will come with 19 skills spread across three categories: Concentration, Gravity Release, and Awakening. These skills allow them to have gravitational power, which can benefit any team.

The Destroyer can also absorb plenty of damage, making them a fantastic tank character on your team. Additionally, these skills can also do massive AoE damage, which is excellent when subduing crowd control. Finally, with their hammer, they can also focus their energy and power imbued into the weapon to unleash shockwaves or create walls on the battlefield.

lost ark character class guide destroyer skills concnetration skills gravity release skills awakening skills
The Destroyer Advanced Class possesses 19 varying skills across its class categories, including Concentration and Gravity Release. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

Their Awakening Skills can see them drop gravity energy balls from the skies and rain them down on their enemies, which causes a gravitational field once they've hit the ground. Enemies within this radius will be taken down before being launched by the swing of your hammer.

Additionally, their other Awakening Skill uses gravitational energy as explosives to deal extensive AoE damage to all enemies in the radius. As a result, you'll take less incoming damage during this Awakening Skill while gaining Immunity against all debuffs, pushes, and movement speed reductions.

Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class Engravings and Skills

The Destroyer Advanced Class has two Engravings, which can contribute to enhancing its skills and attacks. The Gravity Training Engraving decreases the Gravity Meter's charging time and improves the potency of attacks used during Hypergravity Mode.

lost ark character class guide destroyer weapon gravity hammer gravitational attacks
The Destroyer Advanced Class comes with its colossal weapon, the Gravity Hammer, which can inflict Stagger damage onto enemies within its AoE. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

The Rage Hammer Engraving will enhance the damage dealt when using the Gravity Release skills by increasing its Crit Rate and DMG stats. This depends on the number of Gravity Cores used for the Gravity Release skills, which significantly increase once each level is reached.

Lost Ark Destroyer Advanced Class Weapons

The highlight of the Destroyer Advanced Class is the colossal Gravity Hammer it hoists on its shoulders. While this does restrict its movement speed due to its sheer size and weight, it doesn't prevent them from launching or charging once deployed onto the battlefield.

Instead, using gravitational energy, it can summon energy drops, gravitational fields, and waves to weaken and obliterate enemies together with its hammer. It may be one of the slowest characters in-game; however, its weapon attacks deal massive damage, which can be challenging to escape.

The update's maintenance period has yet to be announced, for which we'll update this story with the latest announcements. However, lost Ark's Destroyer Advanced Class will be available alongside the May content update on 19th May 2022. 

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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate / Amazon Games.