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Lost Ark devs detail new content roadmap for June and July 2022

Smilegate unveiled Lost Ark's roadmap for June and July 2022, including new Advanced Class, Guardian Raids, and more.
Lost Ark devs detail new content roadmap for June and July 2022

Lost Ark developer, Smilegate, released new details regarding upcoming game updates for the game arriving in June and July 2022. The overview of the roadmap explores new game features, mechanics, and store updates expected to arrive in the coming months.

The roadmap has yet to reveal what incoming balance changes and bug fixes will be their priority with the subsequent updates; this will instead be explored in future updates. Nevertheless, we took a look at the announced content arriving this June and July in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark June 2022 Content Roadmap

Lost Ark developer Smilegate outlined several content additions arriving in the game over the next two months in a recent developer blog post. Notably, this is just a preliminary overview of what players are likely to expect as more content is planned, which has yet to be “finalized.”

Lost Ark Legion Raid - Vykas

A new Legion Raid, Vykas, will be added to Lost Ark this June for Normal and Hard difficulties. Legion Raids are quite challenging to face, which requires plenty of communication, coordination, and teamwork for players to implement and execute a strategy to counter every Legion Raid boss’ attacks.

Like the Valtan Legion Raid, this eight-person PvE mode has an Item Level Requirement of 1430 for Normal and 1460 for Hard difficulty. Additionally, you’ll be awarded crucial gear honing materials for Relic gear and other valuable materials and rewards.

Lost Ark Kungelanium Guardian Boss

Alongside a new Legion Raid, another Guardian Raid boss enters the dungeons in June. The frost predator Kungelanium will be joining the roster of Level 6 Guardians you can face in this PvE mode.

lost ark update content roadmap june 2022 guardian raids kungelanium level 6 guardian boss
The frost predator Kungelanium is a Level 6 Guardian appearing in the PvE Guardian Raids. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

An Item Level Requirement of 1460 and higher is required to face the frost predator, which you can join the raid with your party or with three random players in matchmaking. If you wish not to go the matchmaking route, you can attempt to face Kungelanium in a solo run.

Lost Ark Thronespire Dungeon

There will be a new dungeon coming soon to Lost Ark, which will bring forth a “twisted” experience for those who step inside. The Thronespire dungeon is a single-player dungeon with an Item Level Requirement of 1325, similar to T1 and T2 dungeons, Shadowspire and Fatespire, but with a few differences.

Much like Shadowspire and Fatespire, where you have to battle your way through 50 floors, clearing each within a limited time, you will also encounter an enemy boss that matches your Level before succumbing to the Demon Legions. The first 25 floors will award you “first-time clear rewards,” with the remaining floors focused on “prestige and completion times.”

Lost Ark Yoz's Jar Cosmetic Mechanic

June will also see a new cosmetic mechanic, Yoz’s Jar, which will be made available to the in-game Store. This consumable work is if there’s a skin you own and don’t like or one Yoz’s Jar that you don’t want, you can break down the skin for Cloth materials which, together with the Yoz’s Jar, you can roll for a new skin.

lost ark update content roadmap june 2022 in-game store updates yozs jar cosmetic consumable gacha system
A new item, Yoz's Jar, will be made available through the in-game Store, which will allow players to roll for new cosmetics. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

This cosmetic gacha-like system will allow you to roll for Epic and Legendary skins, which the latter provides better stats than Epic rarity skins. Additionally, you can “overlay” your newly acquired Legendary skins on top of another for bigger rewards, as the developer will provide more details in the coming weeks.

Lost Ark July 2022 Content Roadmap

July’s roadmap is still somewhat unclear; however, Smilegate has revealed what to expect in Lost Ark. The developer is still mapping out more content for July; however, the month will be seeing yet another Advanced Class available in-game.

Lost Ark Arcanist Class

The Mage class will be adding a new Advanced Class, the Arcanist, joining the Bard and Sorceress as the third Advanced Class. The Arcanist “imbues special cards with her Magick and uses them to for a variety of effects.”

The Arcanist uses their cards for various ranged and Magick attacks, including slicing enemies and using potent summons and Magick effects for your teammates.

lost ark update content roadmap july 2022 mage class advanced class arcanist
A new Advanced Class, Arcanist, will be available in the July content update for Lost Ark. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

They also have a specialty skill called “Card Deck,” which draws a random card that can deal with various effects when played once the Card Meter is fully charged.

The Card Meter fills up every time you land an attack on your opponents until the meter is complete, and you can then trigger it to use the Card Deck specialty skill. Smilegate will detail more information on the Arcanist Advanced Class in future developer posts.

Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid

A new difficulty of the Valtan Legion Raid will arrive in July’s content update for Lost Ark. The Valtan Legion Raid, introduced in April’s Battle for the Throne of Chaos update, will challenge the best players in Arkesia with the Inferno difficulty.

If you participate in the Valtan Legion Raid Inferno difficulty, instead of gear honing rewards, you’ll earn prestige and other amazing rewards, including “titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more!”. Additionally, a special store vendor will be available for this Legion Raid difficulty to acquire more rewards once you’ve completed a few raids clears.

lost ark update content roadmap june 2022 legion raid valtan new difficulty inferno
The Valtan Legion Raid will gain a new punishing difficulty mode, Inferno, in the July update. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

Smilegate detailed some noticeable differences between the Normal, Hard, and Inferno difficulties; however, it does need an Item Level Requirement of 1445 to participate:

  • The scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent.
  • The gate progression system will not be active - you can’t make it halfway and come back later in the week.
  • Inferno mode will not count against your weekly attempt limit for Legion Raids, so you can play Valtan on Normal/Hard and Inferno in the same week and try Inferno as many times as you’d like.

Lost Ark Challenge Abyssal Dungeons

Lastly, a new weekly PvE activity, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, will be included in the July update for Lost Ark, where challenging more formidable enemies will reward you greatly. Like the Challenge Guardian Raids, you can claim gear honing materials from the selection of pouches closest to your Item Level Requirement.

lost ark update content roadmap june 2022 weekly pve activity challenge abyssal dungeons gear honing
Another new weekly activity, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, is a high stake, high rewards dungeon event with valuable materials to earn upon completion. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

These pouches will rotate; however, their frequency isn’t clear as of writing, and the cards will be available for auction at the end of each dungeon completion. Players can participate and clear an Abyssal Dungeon once a week.

Smilegate will provide further updates on the June and July 2022 roadmap for Lost Ark, which will add more content additions, events, bug fixes, store refreshes, updates, and endgame activities.

The developer also plans to launch the Punika Powerpass for free to players over the summer and is still finalizing the next Express Event.

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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate / Amazon Games.