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Lost Ark Medeia Island - Location, quest, and rewards

A guide to help you with everything you need for Lost Ark Medeia Island, including its location, how to defeat the challenges, and claim the rewards.
Lost Ark Medeia Island - Location, quest, and rewards

Medeia Island is one of the smaller Adventure Islands in Lost Ark, but it holds a great treasure and an engaging quest for any Lost Ark player looking to test their teamwork and tactical skills.

Today, we will look at everything you need to know to set your course for Medeia Island. From its location to the best quest strategies and the rewards for beating it.

Medeia Island location in Lost Ark

Medeia Island Location in Lost Ark
Medeia Island is located just south of Shushire. (Picture: RaZzi via YouTube / Smilegate)

Medeia Island is just South of Shushire. In between the Ryan Current and Wall of Procyon. Players can head to Media Island via ship when it is active.

Media Island is an Adventure island, meaning you can only access it at specific times and days. Ensure you check your Procyon's Compass to set sail only when this island is active.

PvP Quest and Rewards - Medeia Island

Medeia Island Lost Ark locations pvp quest rewards
The Medeia Island Quest requires the use of mirrors to attack shrines and receive points as shown above. (Picture: Maxroll / Smilegate)

Medeia features a unique quest for players to complete to receive the rare Medeia Island Token. It is a cooperative quest called Medeia War and involves a player versus player (PvP) battle.

The quest begins 3 minutes after the first player arrives on the island. It involves players splitting into two teams, intending to reach 1300 points to win. Players earn points with kills, which net that team 10 points, and assists that net 5 points.

There are also three shrines on the map, each team will usually take control of one in their area that they will defend, and the third is in the open. Players attack the shrines with mirrors that they pick up by shining the mirror at them.

Players do this by holding down the "Q" skill. While holding it down, 50% of the bar represents 12 points gained for their team, and a full bar would be 24 points, etc.

Players can give themselves advantages by sneaking past enemy lines and attacking the shrine. A good strategy is having one or two teammates accompany the mirror carrier to defend them, and provide cover while they earn points for their team by attacking the shrine.

The team to win will get the rewards of 2,000 silver and Medeia's Gift, and the second-place team will receive 1,000 silver and Medeia's Gift. So you will always have a chance to get the rare Adventure Island reward, just less silver if you lose.

The Adventure Island reward is the Medeia Island Token, and the chance to receive this as a gift for completing the quest is random. So if you don't succeed at first, try again, and you are sure to get it after a few tries.

Mokoko Seeds on Medeia Island

Two mokoko seed found on Medeia Island
There are two Mokoko seeds to find on Medeia Island. (Picture: Maxroll / Smilegate)

Finally, players who want to collect the Mokoko seeds to trade for high-tier items can rest easy knowing there are two seeds on this island, and they are easy to find as well!

On the far South-Western edge of the island, there is a staircase leading to some rocks the player can break. After doing so, the Mokoko seeds will be on the left and right of the player.

And that's everything you need to know to go venturing out to Medeia island to complete its quest and find the hidden treasure it holds. For more lost ark guides and information, head over to our dedicated Lost Arc section.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate.