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Lost Ark Adventure Islands Guide – How To Find & Quests

Sail across the waters of Arkesia in search of the Adventure Islands to complete quests and earn rewards, like the Island Tokens in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark Adventure Islands Guide – How To Find & Quests

Lost Ark's Arkesia World Map features several of the game's continents that players can access by travelling across the open and hazardous waters. Between the continents are unique and unexplored islands where riches and threats await those who dare to visit.

Adventure Islands are one of the many endgame activities you can do once you've reached Level 50 and hold an Item Level of 250. Here's how players can find them, what quests they can complete, and the rewards to be unlocked in Lost Ark.

What is an Adventure Island in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, players will encounter two main types of islands: static and limited-time islands, for which Adventure Islands is categorised under the latter. These islands are not as accessible as static islands since they only appear at random times throughout the day.

lost ark adventure islands guide limited time islands random spawn times
Adventure Islands are not as accessible to visit, unlike static islands, as it appears at random times throughout the day. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

Once the island is about to spawn, you will be alerted to its location, after which a whirlpool will appear. Then, the island will surface, and you will have three minutes to gain entry before it's no longer accessible.

Most Adventure and Timed Islands have an Island Event that players can choose to complete while active. This typically involves a co-op quest, which in most cases tasks you with defeating an Island Boss to earn rewards.

lost ark adventure islands guide island event island boss
Every Adventure Island has an Island Event, usually a co-op quest which requires players to defeat an Island Boss to claim rewards. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Additionally, players can find other island activities throughout the island, either given by an NPC or triggered automatically once arriving on the island. Nevertheless, the main reason you should be completing Adventure Islands in Lost Ark is to obtain the Island Token, which you can exchange for exclusive rewards.

How to find an Adventure Island in Lost Ark?

Players must access Procyon's Compass to locate an Adventure Island, found beneath the mini-map, displayed as a compass icon. Within Procyon's Compass, select the Adventure Islands tab, where you can check the spawning times and expected rewards for the island you wish to visit.

lost ark adventure islands guide procyons compass spawn times in-game alerts
You can set in-game notifications via Procyon's Compass, which alerts you when an Adventure Island will be spawning. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Additionally, you can use the alarm clock feature at the top left of the screen to view all Adventure Island times. Another thing you can do in Procyon's Compass is set in-game notifications which alert you at least ten minutes before the island spawns.

Doing this will allow you to locate the island's location and check your ship's attributes and resistances before setting sail. Furthermore, you can use Procyon's Compass to view information on other endgame activities, including Field Bosses, Ghost Ships and Chaos Gate.

All known Adventure Islands in Lost Ark

lost ark adventure islands guide island list island activities
There are plenty of Adventure Islands worth visiting in Lost Ark. (Picture: Smilegate / Amazon Games)

Lost Ark has dozens of islands featuring plenty of island quests, with each activity offering lucrative rewards to unlock. Using the World Map and Procyon's Compass to locate them is half the job; however, we have provided detailed guides on the Adventure Islands available in Lost Ark.

We've also included a few Timed Islands where you can obtain an Island Token by completing the co-op Island Event. Except for Shangra Island, the Island Token is an RNG drop by defeating the Island Boss.

lost ark adventure islands guide timed islands alakkir island island map
Alakkir is one of the few timed islands, similar to an Adventure Island, where defeating an Island Boss may drop an Island Token as a reward. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Adventure Island Quests in Lost Ark

As mentioned before, each Adventure Island has an Island Event, typically in the form of a co-op quest, which players are required to complete to be rewarded. This will often task you in defeating an Island Boss, which also incorporates a unique gameplay mechanic as a pre-requisite.

Aside from the Island Event, there are various island activities, including challenges and quests that players can do. These activities also reward you with multiple items, including currencies, upgrade materials, exclusive collectables and more.

lost ark adventure islands guide island activities cooperative quest co-op quest
There are plenty of activities to do at an Adventure Island, including events, challenges and the Island Event. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

You can access each of the Adventure Islands daily, depending on which are available on that given day. Lastly, players can find a handful of Mokoko Seeds across the island; however, at times, they can be rather hard to reach or look for.

Adventure Island Rewards in Lost Ark

Depending on the day you opt to clear an Adventure Island, various rewards are available for players to collect. Notably, you can only claim its rewards once during the week and usually twice on weekends;however, players have reported issues regarding claiming rewards on weekends.

lost ark adventure islands guide lost ark adventure islands guide island rewards engravings upgrade materials currencies
There are plenty of rewards to claim after completing various island activities, including Engravings and upgrade materials. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

The most prized reward and the main reason players should invest in doing Adventure Islands is the Island Token. This item can mainly be obtained once defeating the Island Boss; however, the Island Token is an RNG drop.

If you don't receive this item as a reward the first time, you'll have to wait for the island to respawn to replay the Island Event. However, once you have a few Island Tokens, you can exchange these for exclusive rewards when visiting Opher at The Lonely Island, located southwest of the Arthetine continent.

lost ark adventure islands guide island rewards island token rng drop
In most cases, the Island Token is an RNG drop after defeating the Island Boss. (Picture: YouTube / RaZzi)

Regardless, there are other rewards to claim from the Island Event and other island activities, such as:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Legendary - Uncommon Card Pack
  • Soul Leaf
  • High Seas Coin Chest
  • Pirate Coins
  • Providence Stone
  • Island related items

This concludes our comprehensive guide to Adventure Islands, including locating them, activities and rewards to claim in Lost Ark.


Featured image courtesy of Smilegate / Amazon Games.