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Lost Ark Tranquil Island guide - Location, quest, and rewards

The grim atmosphere around Lost Ark's Tranquil Isle is due to it being the home to the dead who were lost at sea, here's what you need to know before visiting.
Lost Ark Tranquil Island guide - Location, quest, and rewards

An island said to house the souls who’ve died at sea, Tranquil Isle is swarming with undead souls. Lost Ark’s islands can sometimes be a challenge to find which is no different for Tranquil Isle.

This is an end-game adventure island that requires an Item Level of 250 to visit. Once players locate Tranquil Isle, it offers a challenging quest and 3 Mokoko Seeds can be found.

Tranquil Isle Location - Lost Ark

Lost Ark Tranquil Island map location
Tranquil Isle can be found in the Sea of Heavens. (Picture: Smilegate / Razzi)

Tranquil Isle is an Adventure Island which means the island only appears every few hours. Players can check the Procyon Compass to see if the island is available.

Located to the Southwest of Shushire, Tranquil Isle is found in a Tempest Sea, so sail swiftly to reach your destination through these stormy waters.

Cooperative Quest and Rewards - Lost Ark Tranquil Island

The Cooperative Quest “Great Discovery” requires players on the island to play the song Requiem of Twilight at the end of the island. Requiem of Twilight is given to players by the quest giver.

While players try to play the song, monsters will spawn to try and prevent them, so other players on the island must defend them until the song is finished. Once the song has been played enough times, the boss Spectre Lord will appear.

The Tranquil Isle Token is a rare drop from the Spectre Lord, so the quest may need to be completed a few times if you’re after it. Players receive 5,000 Silver and get to keep Requiem of Twilight.

There’s a hidden quest on Tranquil Isle that rewards players with 10,000 Silver and a Vitality Increase Potion. This quest is simply completed by interacting with a gravestone on the eastern edge of the island.

Mokoko Seed Locations - Tranquil Island Lost Ark

Lost Ark Tranquil Island Mokoko Seed locations
One of the Mokoko Seeds can be found along the main path on the island. (Picture: Smilegate / Razzi)

There are three Mokoko Seeds total that can be found on Tranquil Isle. The first two seeds are located on the upper level near the boss’ location. Players will be blocked by a wall that requires using The Forest Minuet to proceed where the Mokoko Seeds will be on the other side.

The third Mokoko Seed can be found on the south end of the island simply in the middle of the path. We'd like to thank Razzi for his visual walk-through of Tranquil Isle on YouTube.

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Featured image courtesy of Smilegate.