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How to throw a high pass in Madden 22

Avoid the defenders and make a spectacular catch off a high pass in Madden 22.
How to throw a high pass in Madden 22

Sometimes a defender can really get on the quarterback’s nerves in Madden 22 but, luckily, there are some ways to get around a pesky defensive back. 

One of these ways is to throw different kinds of passes. Something like a touch pass or even a low pass can be highly effective when used in the right situations. However, another pass that you can pull off in Madden 22 is the high pass. 

Below, you can see exactly how to throw the ball so that no defender can reach the ball. 

Throwing a high pass in Madden 22

Madden 22 how to do high passes
High passes are effective with taller receivers. (Picture: EA)

To throw a high pass, you need to first call a passing play. You can do this in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage with an audible to really throw off the defence. The play you call should involve the outside receiver doing a route that crosses the field, like a seam or post. 

Once your play is in place, hike the ball and wait for your receivers to run their routes. After you hone in on the receiver you want to throw to, follow the command below to throw a high pass: 

  • For Xbox: Hold 'LB' and the receiver’s button

  • For PlayStation:  Hold 'L1' and the receiver’s button

Doing this will make the quarterback throw the ball higher, allowing your receiver to jump up and grab it over the defender in coverage. 

The best time to throw a high pass in Madden 22

Madden 22 quarterbacks high pass
Quarterbacks can throw a variety of passes. (Picture: EA)

When throwing a high pass, you want to ensure that your receiver is in a place to actually catch it. The route that works best with this is a post, as your receiver will be facing you and not have his back turned. 

High passes work extremely well in conjunction with taller receivers and aggressive catches. You can see how to make an aggressive catch in a previous article but they work well with high passes as the receiver makes more of an effort to jump up and grab the ball. If you have a taller receiver, then all the better since they’re going to be above the defender even more. 


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