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Minecraft Creator Dream To Do Face Reveal In Next YouTube Video

The mask is coming off! Popular Minecraft content creator Dream is expected to do a face reveal in his next YouTube video upload.
Minecraft Creator Dream To Do Face Reveal In Next YouTube Video

Enigmatic Minecraft content creator Dream recently announced plans to do a face reveal in his next YouTube video, sending his audience of over 30 million followers into a frenzy. Indeed, many fans have been eager to discover what Dream looks like under the mask. But it seems the long wait is finally over.

The YouTube megastar also appears to be keeping to his initial plans regarding his face reveal, previously noting that he wanted to do it with friends or in a way his fans could participate. Accordingly, Dream SMP co-founder GeorgeNotFound is expected to join the Dream Team in the face reveal.

Dream Announces Face Reveal In Next YouTube Video

dream face reveal video
YouTube star Dream will finally reveal his identity in his next YouTube video. (Picture: YouTube / Dream)

In a YouTube Community post on 20th September 2022, Dream announced, "My next upload will be me (sic) face revealing. The mask is coming off, and [GeorgeNotFound] is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team!" So finally, the enigmatic YouTube star is ready to share his face with the world.

The content creator continued, "Then back to some epic Minecraft," while alluding to potentially doing a real-life Minecraft manhunt. "[There are] so many awesome things to come but [I'm] also incredibly excited for the future. I can't wait to start meeting you guys in person," Dream added.

dream face reveal
Dream's YouTube Community post. (Picture: YouTube / Dream)

Naturally, the announcement spread like wildfire and attracted a slew of responses from excited fans. "It’s gonna be so strange for the new future fans who will join the fandom without ‘faceless’ Dream; they’ll know what he looks like when they join, while the rest of us waited for years," wrote one user.

Notably, Dream's announcement didn't reveal a precise date on when the face revealing would occur; however, per a Dream Discord Podcast on 5th September 2022, it is suggested that Dream will show his face when GeorgeNotFound relocates to the U.S.

when will dream do his face reveal video
YouTuber Dream is expected to do his face reveal with GeorgeNotFound very soon. (Picture: YouTube / GeorgeNotFound) 

More recently, on 18th September 2022, George Tweeted that his U.S. visa was approved, to which the Minecraft legend responded, "see you soon." Followingly, it's speculated that Dream will do his face reveal very soon.

We will endeavor to update you on Dream's face reveal.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dream.