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Twitch Bans TheDanDangler For Violating Nudity Policy In Pool Stream

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler received her sixth ban for wearing "inappropriate attire" during a recent pool live stream.
Twitch Bans TheDanDangler For Violating Nudity Policy In Pool Stream

Popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer TheDanDangler was recently hit with her sixth Twitch ban after reportedly violating the platform's nudity policy during a recent pool stream. According to TheDanDangler, the bikini that supposedly triggered the ban was the same out outfit she'd worn in countless previous streams.

While the Twitch star reassured fans of her imminent return, citing that it was only a temporary suspension, it is arguable whether TheDanDangler might be skating on thin ice. Last year, Twitch streamer and OnlyFans model Indiefoxx was permanently removed from the platform after being banned six times for provocative or overly sexualized content.

Why did Twitch ban TheDanDangler?

why did twitch ban thedandangler
Twitch streamer TheDanDangler was hit with her sixth Twitch ban. (Picture: Twitch / TheDanDangler)

According to a Tweet by TheDanDangler on 2nd September 2022, Twitch banned her for "inappropriate attire" during a recent Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category live stream. In a follow-up Tweet, TheDangDangler attached an image of the email she received from Twitch.

Accordingly, Twitch elaborated on the reason for TheDanDangler's ban: "Uploading content or streaming yourself, co-hosts, or guests wearing attire that violates our Nudity and Attire policy, including showing visible outlines of genitals or exposed underbust." Twitch proceeded to provide examples of violative conduct.

In response to the Twitch ban, TheDanDangler said that she's "worn this bikini a million times" and wasn't sure what she "did wrong this time." Fortunately, the suspension is only 24 hours despite this being TheDanDangler's sixth ban on the platform. "I love my job, and [I] am sorry, Twitch, for any terms of service I may have broken," the streamer said in the comments section.

twitch ban thedandangler nudity policy
Twitch stated that TheDanDangler was banned for violating its Nudity and Attire Policy. (Picture: Twitter / TheDanDangler)

This isn't the first time TheDanDangler has been banned for "nudity." In August 2021, the popular Warzone streamer was also hit with a Twitch ban for violating the platform's strict dress code; this ban was also only a day long. Then in May this year, she was slammed with another ban for wearing seemingly appropriate attire, hitting back at Twitch for its "double standards."

Only time will tell whether further suspensions will yield more drastic action like a permaban. We'll keep you updated if this matter continues to evolve.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / TheDanDangler.