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Pokimane Emotionally Explains Hiatus & Exploring New Content

Imane "Pokimane" Anys stated, "it’s very easy to lose touch of who you are,” explaining the reasons behind her hiatus in a recent YouTube video.
Pokimane Emotionally Explains Hiatus & Exploring New Content

Imane "Pokimane" Anys released a new video to her main YouTube channel on 1st September 2022, breaking her months-long silence from the internet. The "Queen of Twitch" had been on a hiatus from the streaming platform and social media since July 2022, coinciding with her move.

The latest YouTube video upload started with her answering a question regarding her career, responding, "I wanna be happy…Whatever can make me happy." She explained that she held off talking about her hiatus, wanting to address it "in the right way" and to be sure about how she felt.

Pokimane Addresses Details Behind Her Recent Hiatus

She detailed the reasonings behind her hiatus, from least to most important, citing burnout and exhaustion and a need for a regular daily routine, including self-care practices. Pokimane added the continuous exposure over her streaming career resulted in this non-stop "feedback loop" of viewers incessantly telling her what she must and mustn't do.

"When your job becomes such a big part of your life, you don't realize the toll that takes on you as a person or how much that influences who you're becoming." She delved into how the break allowed her to come to terms with her content evolving beyond streaming.

Lately, she expressed that as a streamer and content creator, having played some of the top trending games on Twitch, it feels like a "been there, done that" situation. As she no longer gravitated toward these games, she does enjoy Just Chatting and IRL streams, as well as games that catch her heart.

pokimane youtube vlog twitch break streaming future playing fortnite
Pokimane looks to expand as a content creator by exploring other types of content on multiple platforms while still streaming. (Picture: YouTube / Pokimane)

"There is such a pressure on streamers to follow every trend, to capitalize on viewership, to stream longer than the guy next to them or the guy that they share similar viewership with. Like, it's just a hyper-competitive industry, but ultimately, the reason I say this is because I'm just at a point in my life where it doesn't feel creatively fulfilling to feed into that anymore."

Pokimane Reveals What the Future Holds For Her

As for what's next for the "Queen of Twitch," she's been exploring various platforms to diversify her content further. From posting quick Instagram Stories to storytime videos on TikTok, the streamer revealed that she could upload content onto these platforms and go about her day.

Pokimane details that she'll be incorporating other types of content alongside gaming and streaming but mentions that the latter isn't "everything." While the frequency is still unknown to her, she'll be returning to Twitch soon enough and maintain a presence across other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Additionally, there will be new vlogs, pictures, and other videos covering a broad range of themes, including fitness, fashion, and travel. Lastly, as she'll be entering a new "phase and chapter" of her life, she admits that she genuinely cares about her audience and is incredibly proud of what she has accomplished before celebrating the start of a new beginning.

pokimane youtube vlog twitch break streaming future irl streams travle vlogs
Pokimane will be looking to include more IRL streams and travel vlogs in the near future. (Picture: YouTube / Pokimane)

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Pokimane & Twitch.