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Mojang Says 'No' To Blockchain Tech And NFTs In Minecraft

Mojang's latest blog has officially banned integrations of blockchain tech like NFTs with Minecraft.
Mojang Says 'No' To Blockchain Tech And NFTs In Minecraft

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an intriguing take on digitally-owned art and blockchain technology. Companies and creators have slowly been edging towards adding NFTs in games and even creating titles solely focused on using the tokens as characters in games like Axie Infinity.

With the rising popularity, many game publishers and developers like Steam banned using NFTs and cryptocurrency on its platform. Recently, Minecraft developer Mojang followed their steed by banning NFTs and blockchain technology integrations within its game. Mojang stated, “Integrations of NFTs with Minecraft are generally not something we will support or allow.”

Minecraft Creators Mojang Ban NFT Blockchain Tech

minecraft ban nft crypto tech blockchain
Minecraft won't allow the integration of NFTs and blockchain technology in Minecraft. (Picture: Mojang)

Mojang has taken a strong stance on NFTs and blockchain technology after stating it essentially wants nothing to do with the digital cryptocurrencies or tokens as it doesn’t reflect Minecraft’s values or goal.

In its 20th July 2022 blog post, Mojang stated, “To ensure Minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not permitted to be integrated inside our client and server applications.” The developers added, “Nor may Minecraft in-game content such as worlds, skins, persona items, or other mods, be utilized by blockchain technology to create a scarce digital asset.”

The developers followed on about other companies diving into NFTs and blockchain and rationalizing the benefits of technology and digital exclusivity. Mojang added, “Each of these uses of NFTs and other blockchain technologies creates digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which does not align with Minecraft values.”

Mojang states that NFTs and blockchain technology don’t serve as an all-inclusive feature Minecraft players should experience when playing because the game is known for its inclusivity and for playing with friends.

Mojang also gave their opinion on the speculative pricing and investment mentality of NFTs, stating, “[It] takes the focus away from playing the game and encourages profiteering, which we think is inconsistent with the long-term joy and success of our players.”

What are NFTs, And Why’s Mojang Against It?

Mojang Says No To NFTs bored apes
Bored Apes is one of the most popular and meteorically rising NFTs worldwide. (Picture: NFT Culture / Board Apes)

An NFT is a non-editable, digital token a part of a blockchain and often purchased using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. While NFTs are at least visually similar to traditional digital image formats like JPEGs, NFTs are different owing to their "non-fungibility."

Perhaps the key difference concerns the NFT's ownership, distributed on the blockchain (or digital ledger); as a result, NFTs are non-interchangeable, unique digital assets. You can think of NFTs as each having its own digital receipt or signature stored on the blockchain that distinguishes it from other digital copies.

Because of this, NFTs are seen as an investment and are usually prized for their worth as digital art. In games, they’re typically unique and exclusive characters or weapons players can use to play and earn money—some examples of games taking NFTs and reshaping them as cosmetics or characters are GoldenBros and Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity NFT game cover art
Axie Infinity is one of the most widely played NFT-focused video games. (Picture: Axie Infinity)

These types of NFTs shape the games’ player base to solely focus on playing to make a profit from their investment or earn money by playing. This issue is one Mojang worried about with venturing into the blockchain industry as it would take away a core value Minecraft served and inspired across its players: inclusivity. And it would create scenarios of haves and have-nots, making a portion of the community feel lesser than others for not acquiring an NFT someone else may have on their account.

So to ensure Minecraft’s players have a safe and inclusive environment, Mojang has officially banned the integration of NFTs and blockchain technology across its servers, clients, and any usage or repurposing of in-game content.

For now, Mojang has no plans for integrating NFTs or blockchain technology into Minecraft, but it will keep a close eye on any changes which may change its opinion and stance.

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Featured image via Mojang.