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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – How To Beat Master Rank Magnamalo

The Magnamalo monster is an early quest unlock; however, is the fiercest one to face. Here's how to beat it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – How To Beat Master Rank Magnamalo

The Magnamalo is Monster Hunter Rise's flagship monster that many hunters will likely encounter when completing quests. With its agile movements and potent abilities, the monster can pose as a worthy opponent for beginners and veteran players.

While its attacks are unrelenting for all who face it, there are ways you can counter them before taking too much damage. This guide will detail how to unlock the monster, the best gear and items, and how to beat it in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How to unlock Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion monster boss guide magnamalo wyvern monster
Magnamalo is a Fanged Wyvern that can be unlocked fairly early in the game. (Picture: YouTube / Boss Fight Database)

The Magnamalo monster is a Fanged Wyvern that is available to hunt upon reaching Hub Rank 3 in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster can be unlocked fairly early in the game if hunters progress through the Hub Progress quests, especially within the game's first few hours.

Hunters can also encounter the monster as a Village Rank quest once you've reached Village Rank 5. This quest is a Village Rank 4 Urgent Quest, Comeuppance; however, we advise new players to wait until the late game to face the monster.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Best gear and items

Going into this monster battle requires prep work, as you'll need the best gear and weapon for your Hunter Rank. Considering that the monster has a weakness to Water, it would be advised to select a weapon that inflicts Water damage.

Magnamalo can be lured and trapped, which hunters should invest in equipping and utilizing when trying to capture the monster. Additionally, the monster doesn't deal elemental damage, but its attacks are potent, so having a Dango would be beneficial when facing it.

monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion monster boss guide magnamalo best gear items
Before battling the Magnamalo, ensure you have the best gear and items for your rank. (Picture: Capcom)

To prevent being knocked out by its powerful attacks or fainting, hunters can look to acquire the Magnaroar Bunny Dango. This Dango has a buff, the Dango Moxie, which halts fainting once after taking damage that exceeds your HP.

How to beat Magnamalo in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Hunters attempting to face Magnamalo would be best to capture the monster and not kill it, as you can earn greater rewards when you catch it. Secondly, the time it would take to capture the monster would be shorter than having to kill it before it kills you.

Magnamalo is quite an agile monster, so if you're using melee or non-shielding weapons like a Great Sword, hunters would best remain as close as possible to the monster. Particularly around the monster's back legs, this will prevent you from getting hit by their strong attacks or inflicted by Hellfireblight.

monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion monster boss guide magnamalo hellfireblight attack evade wirebug
Hunters can either evade or use a Wirebug attack to avoid getting hit with its Hellfireblight attacks. (Picture: YouTube / Boss Fight Database)

Ranged weapons like a bow will need to keep their distances to give you space between attacks and heal up. Additionally, if you have a Palico or Palamute, they can close the distance between you and the monster.

However, if you get inflicted with Hellfireblight, which triggers an explosion after getting knocked back, you'll need to rid yourself of its effects or take massive damage. Hunters can evade repeatedly, do a Wiredash, or use Deodorant to eliminate the hazardous status effects.

The monster's weak points are the head, arms, and tail, which can take the most damage and will trigger a more prolonged knockdown once you've dealt enough damage. Watch out when the monster becomes enraged; its attacks will become stronger and faster and launch Hellfire attacks after every couple of moves.

monster hunter rise sunbreak expansion monster boss guide magnamalo tail part weakest area
The tail of the Magnamalo is the weakest area of its body and is an easy target for hunters to attack. (Picture: YouTube / Boss Fight Database)

When it's in the enraged mode, you'll need to avoid its attacks using the Wirebug to evade quickly. Hunters can tell when it's enraged when a purple-hued fire spews from its month and is present along its body.

Another strategy is to lay bombs across the battlefield and lure the monster towards you before detonating it. This not only deals damage but also stuns the monster before launching a flurry of attacks, particularly on the head, arms, and tail.

We suggest going for the tail before targeting the head and arms as it will break off faster and then move to the arms and head. If you can't reach the head, use a bomb, trap, and a Wirebug attack to help knock down the monster.

Once its HP is low enough, hunters can proceed to capture Magnamalo and obtain some valuable materials like Magnamalo shards, Magnamalo orbs, and Wyvern Tear. Lastly, don't forget to harvest the tail, which you can farm additional materials used for crafting purposes.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Boss Fight Database.