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MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide - Secret Tips For Experienced Players

Take your skills up a notch with our list of the best secret tips for experienced Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak players.
MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide - Secret Tips For Experienced Players

With Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak growing in both popularity and scale over the past few weeks, there are many things you need to know even as a veteran player. From tips you can utilize in a battle to tips for exploration and more, we have you covered.

Below we have put together some of the most useful Secret Tips For Experienced Players in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. But for new players reading, these can help you out as you gain experience in the game as well.

Secret Tips For Experienced Players in M0nster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Explore The Maps and Environments

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Explore the World
Take time to explore the world and maps thoroughly for new items, monsters and environmental traps to use when fighting Monsters. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

Players who are getting into the game for the first time or veteran players are encouraged to spend some time getting used to the maps and exploring all they have to offer. Especially with the newly added maps such as The Citadel and The Jungle that returned after being released in Monster Hunter 2.

All these maps add new locations to discover, such as helpful mining nodes and secret camps. But the game also features many environmental traps to use when taking on monsters such as hanging boulders that can be cut and dropped on monsters and the Starburst bugs that are on walls which can be used to store elemental damage and used to damage monsters that are pushed into them.

Take note of more miniature monsters

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Smaller Monsters
Look out for smaller Monsters that drop rare items and can be used as weapons against larger Monsters. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

Thanks to the introduction of master rank, several of the items in the game have received new, higher-tier versions that will be required to craft new and higher-tier forms of master rank gear. So be on the lookout for the smaller monsters such as Bulfango and Anteka that drop higher tier items just as frequently as the larger monsters.

Also, be on the lookout for areas such as the Swamps and areas near the ocean that have small animals in them such as Thorny toads and Spear Squids which can damage a monster if you lure them into it. These are helpful when taking on large powerful monsters and you need a helping hand.

Make use of your Buddies

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Using Buddies
Make use of buddies for farming, battle aides, and as fast travel helpers. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

The "buddy recon" system is a useful mechanic to make use of in the game and is a well-worth time investment to get a few of them on your team. Aside from helping you farm for monster materials and resources, they can also be placed around the map, giving you some great fast travel options.

This can be useful when you need to take on a monster that is on a far or hard-to-reach area of the map, and lets you quickly get to any of the locations of interest.

Always Be Prepared for Battle

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Prepare for battle
Be sure that you are equipped with the essential and niche items that can aid you in battle. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

When venturing through the game, you'll want to always be prepared for any situation that might arise. Staying stocked up on useful items and using the right items for the quest you're completing is vital to your success in the game.

Being prepared with potions, bombs and traps are naturally the most useful but consider investing in more niche items as well, such as small barrel bombs. WHich can help you in situations where the higher difficulty and advanced mechanics of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak make combat more difficult and require more advanced solutions such as using the bombs to trigger counters.

Using Advanced Switch Skill Swap Abilities

MHR Switch Skill tactical moves
Practice using Switch Skill Swaps in succession to pull off powerful and tactical moves. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

Invest time into considering which Switch Skill Swap will work best for your build and play style. Being able to switch between two load-outs of switch skills can be a lot more beneficial than most would think, but only if you do it right.

For instance, you can chain a Switch Skill evade with the Evade Extender to close distances with much larger weapons such as the Greatsword and many other weapons. This means you don't have to consume Wirebugs, and you can compound this with some of the best master rank skills such as Redirection and gain insane amounts of mobility on the field.

Take Time to Learn Master Rank Movesets

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Mast Rank Moves
Take some time to figure out Master Rank Monster move sets and learn their patterns and weaknesses before rushing into battle. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

When taking on Master rank Monsters, it's important to remember these are the old monsters we are used to seeing in previous titles. They hit harder, have more health, and often have move sets that are completely new to what we have seen before.

So take some time to get accustomed to the newer Master Rank attacks, look for openings, and move around the field as much as you can to avoid ending up back in camp before you even have a chance to learn the Monster's weaknesses.

The People and Creatures Of Elgado

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players People and creatures of Elgado
Invest time into the side quests and NPC interactions in the game to get secret rewards and gear. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

Not only is it vital to interact with side characters, NPCs, and the new follower system for the sake of getting more immersed in the world of Monster Hunter. But you will also benefit by receiving some great gear, weapons, and resources that are hidden in the side quests you can complete.

We also recommend doing the quests that require you to take the three different Palico types on three hunts, as after completing them, you will unlock three different support moves that you can assign to any Palico on any type you wish. These include the Ameowzing Mist, Healing Clover Bat, and the Lottery box, all of which are extremely useful in battle for defense, attack, and healing.

Wirebug Consumption and Great Wirebugs

MHR Sunbreak Advanced Guide Secret Tips For Experienced Players Wirebug awareneness
Be aware of your Wirebug usage and look out for Great Wirebugs around the world to reach secret areas and gain shortcuts. (Picture: YouTube / Boomstick Gaming)

A concept that's often overlooked is to keep an eye on the Wirebug usage in the game, as you perform Silkbind Skills and switch between different switch Skill load-outs, it's easy to consume many of them too quickly and leave you in danger. So be sure that you are always aware of the Wirebug consumption of your skills and abilities to not end up a sitting duck.

Lastly, keep an eye out as you explore the world for Great Wirebugs that will not only give you some great options for shortcuts but also take you to neat spots that house unique items. Such as the one that can be found in Area 10, that will launch you to a large mountain, and on the side of the mountain, you'll find a cave holding an Aurortle that gives you an immunity to one killing blow.

These and many more useful items can be found throughout the map so keep an eye out for the Great Wirebugs to help you zoom across the map quickly. And find some rare and hard-to-come-by items in the game.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.