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MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

Learn how to use dynamite and pie in MultiVersus with our Best Bugs Bunny guide, showing every perk, attack and move list.
MultiVersus Bugs Bunny Guide - All Perks, Moves, Specials And More

As one of the few mage-class characters in MultiVersus, Bugs Bunny is unique in his playstyle compared to the rest of the roster. Rather than relying on brawling or one combo, Bugs uses a range of cartoonish special attacks that can comically devastate enemies.

The iconic cartoon bunny has a range of melee, mobility, and projectile moves that can all be combined for some crazy plays. Bugs Bunny's moveset in MultiVersus includes spawning a safe, jumping underground, or launching a huge missile. Utilizing these along with some of the Perks and Signature Moves that Bugs Bunny has is in MultiVersus a recipe for a flashy victory.

Every Bugs Bunny Perk in MultiVersus

Multiversus Bugs Bunny Perks
You should focus on Offense and Utility for Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus. (Picture: WB Games)

Not only is Bugs Bunny a mage in MultiVersus, but he also is a hybrid character. As a result, he can be used for horizontal or vertical attacks. Most characters in the game will excel in one direction or the other. Mix this with bugs' mage class, and it's tough to gauge his Perks and attacks.

In general, you should focus on Utility or Offensive Perks to cash in the glass cannon idea of a mage. With the two Signature Perks Bugs has, his abilities will be at full potential. Below you'll find all the Perks that Bugs can have in MultiVersus.

Utility Perks

  • Coffeezilla - Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration.
  • Speed Force Assist - Your team gets a 4% increased base movement speed. 
  • Aerial Acrobat - Your team receives 10% increased air acceleration.

Offensive Perks

  • Collateral Damage - Your team deals one additional damage when knocked back enemies collide with a wall or floor.
  • Second Wind Beneath Your Wings - Your team refreshes air-based Special Attacks after ringing out an enemy.

Defensive Perks

  • Sturdy Dodger - Your team receives Armor for 1 second after successfully neutral dodging a Projectile.

Signature Perks

  • Comin' Through Doc - After leaving an existing tunnel, Bugs Bunny and his allies release a shockwave that damages nearby enemies. 
  • Lingering Love - After leaving an existing tunnel, Bugs Bunny and his allies release a shockwave that damages nearby enemies.

Perks are just the start of what you'll need to know to master Bugs Bunny in MultiVersus. His kit and moveset are far more extensive, with a plethora of attacks that go all over the place. Mastering Bugs can be frustrating, but it's undoubtedly worth the effort.

All Bugs Bunny Attacks and Specials in MultiVersus

Bugs Bunny Attacks
Bugs is a mage character with a ton of versatile attacks. (Picture: WB Games)

Every character in MultiVersus has an extensive list of moves that are considered Normal Attacks and Specials. They can either be done from neutral, in the air, or while moving to get different effects. Everything you need to know about Bugs and his crazy moves is listed below.


  • Whack-y, Ain't It? - Charge a mallet swing.
  • Why I Oughta! - A spinning combo of punches that breaks Armor.
  • Rabbit Kick - Charge an upward kick.
  • Pie Barrage! - With Pie equipped, press input again to throw Pie Projectile. The Pie heals allies it passes through and applies Slow to enemies it hits. Bugs Bunny can throw multiple Pies until he runs out of ammo.
  • Helicopter Punch - Bugs Bunny does a persistent spinning punch that hits rapidly. 
  • Flying Rabbit's Foot - Charge a forward kick. 
  • Swing Batta Batta! - Bugs delivers an upward baseball bat swing.
  • Look Out Below! - Throw a pie Projectile if equipped; otherwise, he does a downward mallet swing.

Special Attacks

  • A Safe Investment - Bugs Bunny drops a target for a Safe Projectile to fall a few seconds later. The Safe can be hit, hurtling it into enemies. Once destroyed, the safe breaks and drops an item. Cooldown applies.
  • Ain't I a Charmer? - Bugs Bunny blows a kiss that applies Charmed to enemies, stunning them. Likewise, kissing an ally Enrages them, making their next attack apply maximum stacks of Weakened. 
  • Special Delive-rocket - Bugs launches a Rocket Projectile upward with a cooldown. The Rocket will fall back to the arena later. Allies can grab onto the Rocket as a wall. On cooldown, Bugs will use his ears to helicopter upward. 
  • Bunny Burrow - Bugs burrows and is Invulnerable as he moves underground. Soon after, he shoots up and attacks, leaving tunnels where he started and ended burrowing. Bugs can exit the tunnel early by jumping. Allies that crouch over a tunnel will teleport to the partnered tunnel. Cooldown applies.
  • Safe Painter - Similar to Ground, except Bugs Bunny paints the Safe into reality, spawning it sooner. 
  • Rocket Rider - Similar to Up Special, except the Rocket moves forward and can be ridden by Bugs and his ally as a platform. This move shares a cooldown with Up Special. 
  • Bun on the Run - Similar to Ground, but Bugs Bunny will dive towards the ground before starting to burrow. 

Passive Ability

  • Dynamite, Doc? - While crouched, Bugs will pull up a box that spawns a random item and launch it towards Bugs' nearest ally. Cooldown applies.

Most of the attacks on the list are based around spawning in cartoon objects and using them to your advantage against the enemy team. One of the best parts is that your teammates can usually get involved in the spawned moves, such as the rabbit hole or the dynamite box. Position yourself well and combo with the mallet to make the most of Bugs in MultiVersus.

And that's all. For more related game content, check out our section dedicated to MultiVersus news, guides, updates, features, and more.


Featured image courtesy of WB Games.