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IShowSpeed Slams Thumb Media For "False Copyrighting" His YouTube Clips

Youtube star iShowSpeed found out a company called Thumb Media has been making money by filing "false copyright" claims on his behalf.
IShowSpeed Slams Thumb Media For "False Copyrighting" His YouTube Clips

It's not uncommon for content creators to have their YouTube videos demonetized due to copyright claims. And this might not always stem from an entire video or part of it being copied; demonetization could happen even if videos featured images or sound snippets of copyrighted content. Recently, one creator discovered that a company was “false copyrighting” YouTube clips on his behalf, not to rid illegal reposting accounts but to profit off his success.

On 25th August 2022, YouTube creator Darren “iShowSpeed” Watkins slammed Portuguese company “Thumb Media” for “false copyrighting” his YouTube clips posted by other content creators or fans on his behalf. Initially posted on Reddit the day before, stating the company was making money off his image, iShowSpeed quickly sought to “stop” their chain of “false” demonization, asking fans what he should do about the situation.

iShowSpeed's YouTube Clips Are Getting False Copystriked

content ishowspeed youtube false copyrighted thumb media
YouTube clips of iShowSpeed are getting "false copyrighted" by Thumb Media on his behalf. (Picture: Instagram / iShowSpeed)

iShowSpeed has already made it apparent that using his YouTube clips across the internet isn’t something he particularly cares about too much. In hindsight, it helped his brand grow online since any publicity is good, especially when amplified by thousands of fans -- case-in-point, Andrew Tate's viral social media takeover.

But the news of a company called Thumb Media falsely copyright-claiming iShowSpeed's content came as a surprise, especially considering that it was a company the YouTube star knew nothing bout.

A Redditor flagged the incident by sharing a screenshot of their YouTube videos featuring iShowSpeed being copyright claimed on Speed's subreddit. These claims demonetize a video, meaning the creator who published it doesn’t make any money; instead, the company proclaiming to be the copyright holder receives all the revenue generated.

thumb media claims own copyright ishowspeed
Thumb Media claims they own the copyright to iShowSpeed. (Picture: YouTube / iShowSpeed)

The Reddit post said, “Speed, a company called Thumb Media is copyright striking all the clip channels on your behalf. They are pretending it is you and making money abusing your image. They are destroying your community. Please contact Youtube and do something about this. Help your community!”

After being posted, iShowSpeed responded the following day during a live stream; the YouTuber stated, “Chat, how do I stop this from happening? Because this isn’t [only] happening to me. How do I stop this from happening? Like, I don’t get it, bro.”

The streamer didn’t address the situation further besides asking fans for advice on stopping Thumb Media from “false copyrighting” what was essentially his content. But after trending on social media, it seems the multi-channel network company has been falsely claiming almost everyone’s content as copyrighted, except iShowSpeed himself.

A well-known YouTuber, "Omni,” stated the company also demonetized his video featuring an iShowSpeed clip. The content creator said, “I'm getting copyright claimed for the iShowSpeed clip in my latest video. [I] disputed it, and it got rejected in ten minutes by "Thumb Media Affiliate," who I don't even think exists... am I getting screwed over, or is this legit? Puts my channel at risk of getting a strike.”

As of current writing, the company directly claimed in an Instagram message, “Thumb Media manages copyright on behalf of iShowSpeed.” But the YouTuber whose content they supposedly own the rights to said otherwise. YouTube has yet to comment on these “false copyright” claims.

Feel free to watch the video down above. For mobile users, the clip starts at 10:45.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / iShowSpeed.