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Ex-Adult Star Adriana Chechik Blocked From Twitch Rivals Fortnite

Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik was denied involvement in Twitch Rivals because of her adult entertainment background.
Ex-Adult Star Adriana Chechik Blocked From Twitch Rivals Fortnite

On 25th August 2022, Twitch streamer and former adult actress Adriana Chechik was denied participation in the Twitch Rivals Fortnite No Builds event. Epic Games reportedly blocked the creator from participating because of miscommunication and presumably failing to meet the request with Twitch Rivals to work with Adriana Chechik to remove "adult references" from her stream’s background.

Twitch Streamer Adriana Chechik Blocked By Epic Games

adriana chechik denied twitch rivals entry
Adriana Chechik was denied involvement in Twitch Rivals Fortnite No Build event. (Picture: Twitch / Adriana Chechik)

It’s bittersweet news for Adriana Chechik, considering she’s primarily focused on streaming on Twitch since retiring from her work in the adult entertainment industry. However, because of her past in the pornography industry, she’s been blocked from entering Twitch Rivals.

While crying, she addressed Epic Games' decision to “bump” her from it, stating, “There’s (sic) two types of approval processes that you have to go through for these competitions.”

Adriana Chechik added, “the first approval is Twitch Rivals and Twitch approving you. The second one is the game company that’s hosting the event. And I guess last night they decided not to approve me because of my adult work, so because of my past and my adult work, I have been bumped from it.”

adriana chechik epic games disapprove adult work
Adriana Chechik stated, "Epic Games didn't approve of [her] background." (Picture: Twitch / Adriana Chechik)

The Twitch streamer clarified in conclusion, “Epic Games didn’t approve of my background, but it’s fine. I’m used to this, so it’s fine.”

In light of the controversy, Epic Games publically addressed the blocking, stating, “we're so sorry this happened. The request to Twitch Rivals was to work with you to remove adult references from your stream’s background due to our game’s rating. We have no issue with you participating in events or streaming Fortnite.”

In a statement provided to Dot Esports, an Epic Games spokesperson stated the denial of involvement was “the result of miscommunication between us and Twitch, and should have never impacted the streamer’s participation in the Rivals event featuring Fortnite.”

The Epic Games spokesperson added, “due to Fortnite’s ‘T’ rating, our policies prohibit mature content in connection with Fortnite. We asked Twitch to work with Adriana to remove adult content references in her stream background. To be clear: Adriana is more than welcome to stream Fortnite and participate in upcoming events.”

The reason behind Adriana Chechik’s denial to join Twitch Rivals and the decision to enforce the removal of “adult content references” is understandable, considering the aforementioned reasons. But the miscommunication between Twitch and Epic Games regarding her involvement is questionable.

Subsequently, Adriana Chechik was banned from Twitch shortly after for unknown reasons. So not only was she denied entry because of “miscommunication” between Epic Games and Twitch, but she was also banned from streaming on the platform. 

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch.