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Twitch Streamer Vicksy Harrassed By LoL Pro Cipher At Twitch Rivals

Twitch creator Victoria “Vicksy” Doman alleged that League of Legends player Walid ‘Cipher’ Osman sexually harassed her during Twitch Rivals.
Twitch Streamer Vicksy Harrassed By LoL Pro Cipher At Twitch Rivals

Trash-talking opponents has become a common ritual across tournaments; however, one League of Legends (LoL) esports player may have gone too far. On 24th August 2022, Twitch content creator Victoria “Vicksy” Doman revealed in a series of Tweets how she was allegedly sexually harassed by Walid ‘Cipher’ Osman during Twitch Rivals’ LoL competition.

Vicksy called out Cipher for making sexually suggestive comments about her, rudely calling her “ugly” and saying she has a “good package,” in subtle reference to her breasts. In response to these allegations and following substantial backlash from the broader esports community, Cipher apologized and admitted his fault.

Twitch Streamer Vicksy Sexually Harrassed During Twitch Rivals

vicksy called out cipher sexually harassing her twitch rivals
Vicksy called out Cipher for sexually harassing her during Twitch Rivals. (Picture: Twitter / Vicksy)

The incident comes after Vicksy discovered Cipher’s inappropriate remarks while competing in Twitch Rivals. During champion selection, Cipher scanned through Vicksy’s Instagram, indirectly calling her “ugly” and also making sexually suggestive comments about her “t*ts* by saying she has a “good package.”

Vicksy’s moderators translated Cipher's statements into English; accordingly, Cipher allegedly said, “dude, tell her to use ‘Charm’ on me" (Charm is an Ahri ability reference in LoL). "Actually, after seeing her, I don’t want her to use Charm on me anymore,” he said.

Cipher later added, “Sorry, sorry, Charm my heart; she has good, good package; very good. Guys, I went to get married.” While saying these "disgusting" remarks in Arabic to hundreds of viewers during Twitch Rival, Cipher laughed, despite being called out by teammates telling him that his comments were "not nice."

Vicksy claimed this to be only a “small amount of evidence”; she accused Cipher of further harassment after the game started. Accordingly, Vicksy noted how Cipher called her “my love” in all-chat and made remarks about her during the game, labeling her the “daughter of a dog.”

Not only that, Cipher’s Twitch Chat made "disgusting" remarks about Vicksy, with some users saying to “make a challenge with the girl” to “win her Whatsapp” and one user commenting, “kitchen esports.” 

In response to these serious allegations, Cipher openly apologized to Vicksy for his actions in a Twitlonger. In his statement, the League of Legends esports player didn’t deny, alter, or explain his remarks against the streamer of why they came to be or dished out to Vicksy but said he was "joking."

Cipher accepted his faults and the punishment for sexually harassing another streamer and asked for forgiveness.

twitch streamer cipher league of legends player streamer geekay esports
Twitch streamer Cipher is a LoL professional player and streamer for Geekay, an esports organization. (Picture: Instagram / Cipher)

Cipher stated, “Today I messed up! I said something during Twitch Rivals that I regret. This is not who I am, and it was inappropriate. I meant no harm, and I was only joking, which I shouldn't have. Things like this should not define our scene and I truly apologize to Vicksy.” 

Cipher added, “I can't take back what I said and I should be better and do better for our communities. I am sorry again and I am willing to accept the consequences learn and move forward. Hope you can forgive me."

This latest harassment incident against Vicksy is saddening, as many women face similar situations when competing in tournaments or playing online games. Sexual harassment isn’t a joke, nor is sexism. 

Despite these remarks during Twitch Rivals, Vicksy and her team won their game against Cipher. Twitch hasn't commented or actioned a response to the alleged sexual harassment. Furthermore, Cipher's representing esports organization, Geekay, has also failed to address the situation publicly at this time.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch and Instagram via Cipher and Twitter via Vicksy.