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NHL 24 Best Builds, World of Chel Build Guide & Tips

Beef up your World of Chel loadouts with our NHL 24 best builds guide and tips on how to tweak them to fit your playstyle.
NHL 24 Best Builds, World of Chel Build Guide & Tips

As you dive into World of Chel, knowing about the NHL 24 best builds can make a huge difference. In this fluid and online game mode, you'll especially need some versatility if you're not playing regularly with the same people.

Whether you want to dominate at your favorite position or have some options if you end up in a different slot, our NHL 24 best builds guide will break down everything you need. Use these tips to make sure your World of Chel journey is nothing but net.

NHL 24 Best Builds Guide & World of Chel Tips

NHL 24 Best Builds World of Chel

One of the biggest focal points for upgrades this year was World of Chel, but they didn't change the formula too much when it comes to the NHL 24 best builds. In fact, the biggest impact will actually be a result of gameplay changes that alter meta strategies and the importance of certain attributes.

Overall, most of the World of Child builds that worked in NHL 23 are going to be solid choices in NHL 24 as only a few rare unique classes have been added. For new and existing players, you'll always want to have a versatile set of loadouts so you're ready for any situation.

That starts with having at least one viable build in your WOC loadouts for every position you could end up playing. While forward builds will be similar if you're at wing or center, the primary difference between those positions will be how many points you pour into the faceoffs attrribute.

Several of your NHL 24 ratings will be more impacted by your own skill level on the ice, but you want the best faceoff stats possible as even a perfectly timed attempt can fail if your attribute is too low. With so many top notch players in NHL 24 World of Chel, every single center build needs to maximize their faceoff ratings.

Acceleration seems to have a slightly more significant impact this year, so speedy builds at wing or defenseman should keep that in mind. One other change is that endurance and strength seem to be more important, as the upgraded physics impact your recovery more after a big hit or when low on stamina. 

Ultimately, you really need to pinpoint what fits your style, so try several different loadouts and take them into Pro-Am to help decide if a few minor tweaks will help you make the most out of the best builds in NHL 24. Also, for new players, it's worth noting that the builds in World of Chel don't perfectly matchup with your Archetype in Be A Pro, though there are similarities between each system.

We've got top choices below outlining a great starter loadout and the best builds in NHL 24 at forward, defense, and goalie. For players seeking more options, we have extensive guides for each position here:

Above, you'll find nearly a dozen different elite NHL 24 builds across all three positions. If you're looking for a different flavor than what we've got below, check these out to see which one is the perfect fit for your style.

Best Starter Build in World of Chel

NHL 24 Best Builds World of Chel Starter Beginner

While you'll eventually want to try out some of the specialized unlockable classes and really pinpoint the X-Factor and abilities that work for you, much of that won't be available in your first NHL 24 trial runs. With that in mind, we've got a great starting Power Forward build for you to use as you knock out early challenges, feel out your style, and unlock new upgrades. 

As mentioned above, faceoffs are the one variable that relies on whether you're a center or a wing. We've outlined the complete build below as well as the few attributes you'll need to change based on whether you're playing at center.

  • Player Class: Power Forward
  • Height: 6' 2''
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Zone Ability: Big Rig
  • Wrist Shot Accuracy: 80
  • Slap Shot Accuracy: 78
  • Speed: 88
  • Balance: 80
  • Agility: 82
  • Wrist Shot Power: 80
  • Slap Shot Power: 83
  • Acceleration: 86
  • Puck Control: 85
  • Endurance: 85
  • Passing: 84
  • Offensive Awareness: 81
  • Body Checking: 85
  • Stick Checking: 80
  • Defensive Awareness: 75
  • Hand-Eye: 80
  • Strength: 89
  • Durability: 79
  • Shot Blocking: 80
  • Deking (if Wing): 83
  • Faceoffs (if Wing): 80
  • Deking (if Center): 78
  • Faceoffs (if Center): 90
  • Discipline: 81
  • Fighting Skill: 77

You'll want to continue tweaking and trying out different loadouts in World of Chel over time, but this is a great place to start. You can use this build in Pro-Am or in early online games to build up XP and knock out challenges as you settle into WOC in NHL 24.

Best Forward Build

NHL 24 Best Forward Builds World of Chel Speed Demon Sniper

Our first option is going to be an elite level forward build throughout the year that you can continue to tweak to fit your style. Your ability choices will depend on what you've unlocked and can be changed to fit how you play, but this is an excellent foundation for a speedy forward.

  • Player Class: Sniper
  • Height: 5' 9''
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Zone Ability: Close Quarters
  • Superstar Ability: Magnetic & Beauty Backhand
  • Boosts: Unbreakable Strides & Power Skating
  • Wrist Shot Accuracy: 85
  • Slap Shot Accuracy: 85
  • Speed: 93
  • Balance: 75
  • Agility: 88
  • Wrist Shot Power: 88
  • Slap Shot Power: 87
  • Acceleration: 93
  • Puck Control: 83
  • Endurance: 83
  • Passing: 85
  • Offensive Awareness: 93
  • Body Checking: 73
  • Stick Checking: 68
  • Defensive Awareness: 71
  • Hand-Eye: 82
  • Strength: 78
  • Durability: 78
  • Shot Blocking: 72
  • Deking (if Wing): 84
  • Faceoffs (if Wing): 80
  • Deking (if Center): 79
  • Faceoffs (if Center): 90
  • Discipline: 78
  • Fighting Skill (if Wing): 73
  • Fighting Skill (if Center): 72

This is going to be a great all-around forward build, and you can continue to tweak in order to get specific abilities. You can always adjust a few attributes to unlock access to a given ability or boost, but keep in mind for boosts that an alternative choice might give you the same bonus with fewer build adjustments being needed.

Best Defense Build

NHL 24 Best Defense Builds World of Chel Puck Moving Defenseman

Next up we have another speedy option with the Puck Moving Defenseman. Your ability and boosts will ultimately vary a bit depending on your playstyle, but we definitely recommend the attribute bonuses you'll get from Unbreakable Strides and Power Skating for a quick NHL 24 build like this one.

  • Player Class: Puck Moving Defenseman
  • Height: 6' 1''
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Zone Ability: Elite Edges
  • Superstar Ability: Tape to Tape & Stick 'Em Up
  • Boosts: Unbreakable Strides & Power Skating
  • Wrist Shot Accuracy: 76
  • Slap Shot Accuracy: 77
  • Speed: 92
  • Balance: 75
  • Agility: 91
  • Wrist Shot Power: 74
  • Slap Shot Power: 75
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Puck Control: 91
  • Endurance: 85
  • Passing: 92
  • Offensive Awareness: 86
  • Body Checking: 78
  • Stick Checking: 82
  • Defensive Awareness: 83
  • Hand-Eye: 84
  • Strength: 78
  • Durability: 80
  • Shot Blocking: 75
  • Deking: 86
  • Faceoffs: 75
  • Discipline: 84
  • Fighting Skill: 73

The boosts for this build are crucial to furthering your Speed and Acceleration, which can still make a huge impact especially when in World of Chel online. If you're having trouble with checks and recovery, try adjusting your attributes or boosts to compensate.

Best Goalie Build

NHL 24 Best Goalie Builds World of Chel Hybrid

The position that saw the most innovation this year is goalie as the new Instinct Aim and Goalie Fatigue systems have created new Durability, Endurance, and Angles attributes. This build is specific to players who heavily utilize Instinct Aim, but players can check our guide to all the best goalie builds in NHL 24 for additional options that lean less on that new mechanic. 

  • Player Class: Hybrid
  • Height: 6' 5''
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Zone Ability: Post To Post
  • Superstar Ability: Instincts & Sponge
  • Boosts: Quick Angles & Recover Cardio
  • Glove Low: 88
  • Stick Low: 88
  • Five-Hole: 85
  • Glove High: 90
  • Stick High: 90
  • Passing: 84
  • Speed: 84
  • Agility: 91
  • Poke Check: 89
  • Durability: 87
  • Endurance: 87
  • Rebound Control: 88
  • Vision: 86
  • Breakaway: 88
  • Angles: 92
  • Recover: 92

As previously mentioned, the way you utilize (or don't utilize) Instinct Aim will be a big factor in your goalie play this year. If you're still adjusting to the NHL 24 controls, spend some time in free skate or offline modes to get more experience with the new goalie systems.