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NHL 24 New Features Revamp Gameplay, Ultimate Team, and World of Chel

Get ready to hit the ice with all the NHL 24 new features due to revamp gameplay and several key game modes this year.
NHL 24 New Features Revamp Gameplay, Ultimate Team, and World of Chel

As another season of hockey appraoches, it's almost time for players to dive into the NHL 24 new features on deck including some major upgrades all across this year's release. Nothing is more important than gameplay, and the NHL 24 new features include some significant upgrades and new systems that will make gameplay an all new experience.

However, fans are also clued into which NHL 24 new features are headed to beloved game modes like Be A Pro, Franchise, Ultimate Team, and World of Chel. We've got details on everything confirmed for NHL 24 including the game modes that might be getting neglected this year.

NHL 24 new features include massive gameplay and presentation upgrades


While small tweaks had been made in recent years, NHL 24 is due for the biggest influx of new features in quite some time when it comes to core gameplay. As part of this complete revamp, a new Exhaust Engine has been introduced that rewards extended offensive pressure which subsequently adds to goalie fatique.

Speaking of goalies, we've got new human goalie controls featured a tethered controls system that allows you to auto-return to a centered position. There's also an instinct mechanic now where players guess the location of a shot for a bonus on the save attempt, and all of this is paired with dozens of new goalie animations.

Speaking of animations, things are about to get a lot more chaotic as physics-based contact is ready to revolutionize body checks in NHL 24. Among the NHL 24 new features, this might be the most exciting as you can now check players into the bench, into the glass (which is now breakable), and it'll take significantly longer for players to get up from a devastating body check. Of course, the risk is up too as a missed check will leave you more out of place and scrambling to get back into a play.

Finally on the gameplay side, a new vision passing system has re-mapped face buttons to allow one touch passing where players can quickly move the puck around the ice with ease. Exactly how players use it will ultimately depend on their playstyle, but the system looks better than ever thanks to the NHL 24 new features.

Ultimate Team & World of Chel due for key upgrades


As for the various game modes in NHL 24, new features were centered this year on World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team. The latter introduces HUT Moments for the first time, a mode that appears similar to one seen in MLB The Show, and players will be able to dive into historic hockey moments or recent NHL highlights to earn rewards in Ultimate Team. HUT also revamped with a new real-time objective-tracking system for player progress in several areas of the mode. 

World of Chel was clearly the bigggest focus this year, as they've upgraded crossplay to allow for you to play with and against more players this year in addition to introducing a new WOC Battle Pass featuring rewards at both free and premium levels.

The World of Chel Creation Zone got streamlined with better response times and interface improvements as players customize things, and the same sort of upgrades cleaned up the World of Chel Storefront. Finally, EASHL Evolved has seen some casual mode and matchmaking improvements an an updated playoffs system for players to tackle.

Franchise Mode and Be A Pro may remain stagnant

Unfortunately for some players, two game modes look like they won't be getting any NHL 24 new features at all. Franchise Mode and the single-player career experience Be A Pro haven't been mentioned in any of the hype for NHL 24 ahead of release, so it's very possible they haven't seen any improvement.

Be A Pro was pretty much identical between NHL 22 and NHL 23, so chances are NHL 24 will do the same. Franchise Mode did get some love last year with custom leagues, but it looks like nothing else was ready for NHL 24.