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Does NHL 24 have crossplay?

Find out whether NHL 24 has crossplay this year and exactly how you'll be able to interact with players on other platforms.
Does NHL 24 have crossplay?
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Another year means a new set of upgrades for the biggest hockey simulation game in the world, and NHL 24 has all kinds of features fans have been clamoring to see. However, for those who love playing online the most important questions to ask are always about crossplay.

The answer to your question is yes, NHL 24 does indeed have crossplay. With every single major game seemingly having their own technicalities and specifics, we'll try to clear up the confusion about NHL 24 crossplay and how it works across all platforms.

How does NHL 24 crossplay work?

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Crossplay is available in NHL 24, only the second year in a row since being added in NHL 23, but this year there are additional ways to connect with players on other platforms. As NHL 24 is only available on consoles (and sadly not on PC), everything is aligned to console generation.

The only NHL 24 game modes with crossplay capabilities are World of Chel and Hockey Ultimate Team, and you'll only be able to play alongside players on the same console generation. That means that crossplay is active between Xbox One and PS4 players and between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players, but not between Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players or PS4 and PS5 players.

The reason for this is that some gameplay features and upgrades are specific to the next gen version of the game and not actually included in the build available on PS4 and Xbox One. The primary benefit all players should feel is reduced wait times, as crossplay allows for a larger player pool and less time to find an opponent.

While crossplay was available last year, the upgrade for NHL 24 crossplay is that you can actually team up with players in addition to playing against them. Previously you could only play against, but now you can form clubs and team-up across platforms.