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Is NHL 24 on PC?

With the new game now available worldwide, did an NHL 24 PC release shake things up?
Is NHL 24 on PC?

Another year of hockey means that EA Sports continues to deliver the best sim available, and NHL 24 could be one of their best offerings in years. With more and more games expanding to different platforms, an NHL 24 PC release felt more possible than ever.

We've also seen that PC is finally catching up with console releases, as there was a tendency for a few games to gate features to next generation consoles and leave PC players with simplified last gen versions. Where does that leave NHL 24? 

Is NHL 24 on PC?

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Here comes the bad news. No, there is no NHL 24 PC release. Despite continued growth for the series, as of now NHL 24 remains a console only title. NHL 24 is now available worldwide, but it'll only be playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

There is a potential workaround for players with both a console and a PC, as remote play could be usable. However, you won't be able to purchase a PC version of NHL 24 and play it entirely on that system.

We could see that change in future years, as titles like MLB The Show have expanded to different platforms in recent years. Once a PlayStation exclusive, MLB The Show is now on Xbox and even on Nintendo Switch.

While an NHL 25 release on PC or even Nintendo Switch looks more possible than before, the NHL 24 PC hopes have been dashed. If you have one of the platforms it is now available on, check out the free NHL 24 trial to play it for yourself.