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Will NHL 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

The hockey sim gold standard saw some major upgrade this year, but will NHL 24 bring those to Nintendo Switch?
Will NHL 24 be on Nintendo Switch?

Another year of hockey brings the gold standard in simulating that sport back into the fold as NHL 24 is available worldwide with some key upgrades this time around. Total Control revamps key areas, and fan favorite modes like World of Chel saw continued improvement.

NHL 24 is only available on a select few platforms, and many players are looking to find out if Nintendo Switch made the cut. We've got the answer and the latest on what NHL 24 and the full franchise's future could be on Nintendo Switch.

Will NHL 24 be on Nintendo Switch?


No, as of now NHL 24 is not available on Nintendo Switch and no announcements have been made that a Switch port is in the works for this EA Sports release. Unlike major games such as NBA 2K24, NHL 24 has consistently been a console exclusive for several years and hasn't even had a PC release.

However, we have seen some console exclusives expand onto Nintendo Switch. MLB The Show 23 took a franchise that was once a PlayStation exclusive onto Xbox a few years ago and then to Nintendo Switch. NHL 24 seems capable of this leap, but as of now it doesn't look to be a priority for the developers.

Hockey lovers with a Nintendo Switch have a few alternatives, though none are quite operating on the same level as NHL 24. You can check out Super Blood Hockey or Bush Hockey League on the Nintendo eShop, and Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play the original Ice Hockey release that first hit the NES in 1988.