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EA Releases Player Survey After NHL 24 Update

After some refinement with NHL 24 update 1.2.0, a new survey has been released where players can tell EA Sports what they think.
EA Releases Player Survey After NHL 24 Update
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The release of NHL 24 update 1.2.0 brought relief to several areas of an already strong game, but some issues still linger. Following the patch notes reveal, EA Sports has now put out a poll asking players to voice their opinions on the update. If you want to make sure EA Sports knows what's going on for you in NHL 24 and where they should focus next, now's your chance to tell them.

EA Survey Allows Player Feedback on NHL 24 Update 1.2.0

NHL 24 Update

After releasing one of their best games in years as we outlined in our NHL 24 review, a few post-launch bugs have been causing lingering issues as the development team continues to refine specific areas of the game. While NHL 24 update 1.2.0 did resolve several bugs, it also included gameplay tuning based on community feedback in several areas.

Players can now let EA Sports know what they think of the latest NHL 24 update in a brief survey which allows you to rate experiences with the following game features:

  • HUT: Auction House
  • HUT: Moments
  • HUT: Objectives
  • HUT: Online Competetive Modes (Rivals/Champions)
  • HUT: Packs
  • HUT: Rush
  • HUT: Squad Battles
  • World of Chel: Battle Pass Rewards
  • World of Chel: Customize Player User Interface
  • World of Chel: EASHL Clubs
  • World of Chel: Matchmaking
  • World of Chel: New Player Class Types
  • World of Chel: Ones & Threes Eliminator
  • World of Chel: Store Content
  • World of Chel: Store Refresh Frequency
  • Be A Pro
  • Franchise Mode (the mode as a whole)
  • Franchise Mode: AI Logic (trading with the CPU, contract signing, etc)
  • Franchise Mode: Sim Engine
  • Franchise Mode: X-Factor Evolve/Devolve Logic
  • Other Game Modes (Tournaments, Online Versus, etc.)
  • Gameplay Controls: Body Checking/Hitting
  • Gameplay Controls: Goalie
  • Gameplay Controls: Skater (total control skill moves, vision passing system, etc.)
  • Gameplay: Exhaust Engine (high/sustained pressure in offensive zone)
  • Gameplay: Teammate & Opponent AI Players (CPU)
  • Broadcast Presentation (goal celebrations, off-play camera shots, etc.)
  • Audio: During Gameplay (play-by-play, arena SFX/music)

Players can rate all of the above NHL 24 features on a scale of 1 to 10 in the survey, but perhaps even more critical is that players can also fill out a specific comments section at the end. If you're still facing the EASHL Jersey Glitch or want to highlight a change you hope isn't reversed, that's the perfect way to let the developers know.

You can take this NHL 24 by clicking here. Check out the full NHL 24 patch notes here to see what has been addressed in the game since launch.