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Where To Upgrade The Ammo Pouches In Palia

Ammo Pouches have arrived in Palia, allowing players to store arrows, Smoke Bombs, and Worms and freeing up space in their Backpacks.
Where To Upgrade The Ammo Pouches In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

New Quality-of-Life (QoL) improvements and features have been added to Singularity 6's cozy MMO Palia in the latest 0.179 patch update. One of these new features, Ammo Pouches, has been announced in the game's roadmap in the Developer Update, as Palians have a dedicated space to store their Ammo and equipment.

While not all Ammo and equipment can be safely tucked away in the Ammo Pouches, they can be upgraded for some Gold if they need extra slots. This guide explains where to find the Ammo Pouch upgrades and what items we've tested can be stored in these pouches in Palia.

How To Upgrade The Ammo Pouches In Palia?

Palia's v0.179 patch update arrived on Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store, Steam, and its Launcher on 23rd April 2024. This patch update is the game's second Spring-themed update, following the 0.178 update, which added the Temple of Roots and its questline for Palians to complete.

The 0.179 patch update added a host of new content and features for them to enjoy this Spring, including a new addition to the Inventory system. After Quests Pouches were added in the 0.176 update, which store any items received during Quests in a separate pouch, they don't take up any slots in their Backpack (or main) Inventory.

The latest update adds the second type of Inventory pouch, the Ammo Pouch, which stores Ammo and related items like arrows, Smoke Bombs, and Worms. Once the game is updated, the ammo pouches are immediately unlocked, but they'll have one row available, which can be upgraded.

To upgrade their Ammo Pouches, visit Zeki's General Store in Kilima Village, and upon entering, look to the left to find a standee or kiosk for the Ammo Pouches. Four Ammo Pouch upgrades are available at the standee or kiosk: the first upgrade costs 250 Gold, the second costs 2,500 Gold, and the third upgrade costs 10,000 Gold; however, we're awaiting how much the last upgrade will cost.

If they buy Ammo and equipment from the Guild Stores, they will immediately add them to their Ammo Pouches, but if they move from the Storage Chests, they will be manually added and free up space in their Backpacks. Some of the other equipment items that can be slotted into the Ammo Pouches include Flare Arrows, fireworks, Bug-Catching tools like Honey Lures, and Winterlights Snowballs.

Essentially, any item placed under the Equipment tab from their Storage Chests can be added to the Ammo Pouches. Unfortunately, none of the fishing tools and equipment, except for Worms and Glow Worms, can be added to the Ammo Pouches based on our testing.