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What Are Smoke Bombs & How To Get In Palia

If you want to become an entomologist, there are bugs to catch in Kilima Village using Smoke Bombs. Here's how to get and use them in Palia,
What Are Smoke Bombs & How To Get In Palia

The Insect Catching skill isn’t for the faint of heart, especially for those with a phobia of bugs, as this skill will test your patience and crafting aptitude. You can return to them after being introduced to Auni at the start of your Palian adventures to learn more about this skill.

One of the main equipment pieces essential to Insect Catching is Smoke Bombs, which can knock out bugs using a cloud of smoke, making them easier to catch. But if you wish to learn more about this item for Palia and how to get and use them, we’ve detailed it in this excellent guide for Smoke Bombs.

Palia Insect Catching: What Are Smoke Bombs?

Smoke bombs are equipment players can acquire and utilize in mastering the Insect Catching skill in-game. These items, when equipped, can be used to neutralize bugs in the wild, which “smokes” them out and makes it easier to catch them.

During the Welcome to Palia tutorial quest, players will be instructed to craft a Makeshift Tent and place it on their housing plot. They would have received the recipe for the tent from Hodari, and once they’ve completed these objectives, a Villager will be seen near your plot.

palia crafting guide smoke bombs explained insect catching skill villager auni skill master
Players can learn about the Insect Catching skill from Auni, whom you can receive a recipe for Smoke Bombs from. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

This is Auni, responsible for delivering the mail around the Village, and will introduce you to the Mailing system. Additionally, they’ll reveal that they are a pro at catching bugs, giving you 20 Smoke Bombs and the recipe for standard Smoke Bombs to craft.

To make Smoke Bombs, consult the recipe to see which resources are needed to forage or mine in the open world. For standard Smoke Bombs, you’ll need some Clay and a Sundrop Lily, which both can be found throughout the world, and once collected, you can go back to the workbench t craft the Smoke Bombs.

Should you wish to learn more about Insect Catching, you can speak with Auni, who will give you the Insect Catching 101 quest, and you can learn how to use the Smoke Bombs and the skill itself. Lastly, when leveling this skill, you can get rewards from Auni, including better Smoke Bombs to craft and use.

How To Use The Smoke Bombs In Palia?

palia crafting guide smoke bombs how to get use crafting workbench clay sundrop lily
With the recipe on hand, you can craft more Smoke Bombs, if needed, using Clay and Sundrop Lily. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After speaking with Auni and receiving the Smoke Bombs and the recipe, you can begin using them doing two various things. Firstly, you need to have the Smoke Bombs added to your Inventory Slot to use them to catch all sorts of creepy crawlers in-game.

Secondly, within your equipment wheel, which you can access by pressing the R key, you must switch to the waist bag which holds your Smoke Bombs. This changes your character’s stance as you can now be seen holding a Smoke Bomb, and to use it, you must hold the left-click button on your mouse to toggle an aiming mode.

Once you have the bug in sight, release the key to throw the Smoke Bomb at the bug, which should weaken it upon impact and make it easier to catch. Once you’ve caught the bug, it will be added to your Inventory which, later on in progressing this skill, you will be able to craft terrariums to store your most prized bugs within your home.