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Palia Patch Notes (Update 0.168.1): All New Content, Updates & Fixes

Stay updated on the latest game updates for Palia by reviewing the current patch notes detailing all new content, bug fixes, and optimizations.
Palia Patch Notes (Update 0.168.1): All New Content, Updates & Fixes
The brand new location, the Temple of the Flames, was included in the v0.168 update for Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Palia received its first major patch update in August 2023 following the release of the game's Closed and Open Beta for PC. As its developer, Singularity 6, plans to release more game updates in the subsequent months ahead of its PC and Nintendo Switch launches, this page will serve as an overview of all the changes, improvements, and new content they add to the game with every subsequent update and patch. If you want something more forward-facing, we suggest reading the roadmap for Palia instead for a look at what's coming in the future.

Previously the developers have stated that these updates to the game are planned to be released every two weeks,  with specific details of every tweak and adjustment released via blog posts on the official Palia website. For now, read on for the latest look at Palia's most recent update, including all the new content, adjustments, and bug fixes addressed by the team.

15th September 2023 Update: This guide reflects the deployment of the latest hotfix, v0.168.1, which aims to address immediate bugs, including the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest, in Palia. The original reporting continues below.

Latest Palia Patch Notes Update News:

15th September 2023: v0.168.1 Hotfix Released

Developer Singularity 6 has released the latest hotfix update for Palia, v0.168.1, which addressed a host of known issues and bugs, including the bugged Flowstone for the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest.

12th September 2023: v0.168 Patch Update Released

The next major patch update for Palia, v0.168, has arrived. Players must install the update package before logging into the game to have the new content and optimizations available.

Palia Hotfix 0.168.1: Adjustments & Bug Fixes

Developer Singularity 6 has released a new hotfix update to address those pesky bugs that have hampered the gameplay experience for players. This hotfix aims to patch important performance issues, including the Cooking skill UI, logging error message and that Flowstone bug for the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest.

Let's glance at the complete patch notes for the hotfix update, v0.168.1 for Palia:

  •  Items that may have gone missing as a result of issues such as with the Hallway add-on will now return - they will appear right at the front of your housing plot, so please don’t be alarmed if you see a clutter of items suddenly appear there!

  • We have tuned some graphics settings for better frame rate improvements.

  • You can now properly collect the Flowstone located by the exit in the “Plumehound Privilege” Quest!

  • Players should no longer receive an error message indicating their clothing needs to be mended at login.

  • Grass should no longer peek through your gardening plots or other decor placed on the ground in your housing plot.

  • You should now be able to offer whole heatroot instead of chopped heatroot for the Fire Temple bundle.

  • The Cooking UI should no longer disappear while cooking.

  • We have doubled the amount of seeds that corn and spicy peppers give you, bringing them more in line with the other fruits and vegetable seed values.

Palia v0.168 Patch Notes: Adjustments & Bug Fixes


What's New 

The Temple of the Flames area, two related quests, and four new Bundles have been added.

  • Get started by receiving a letter in the mail from Hassian!

    • Note: It requires completion of the “Vault of Waves” questline first. (But it’s okay if you haven’t finished the bundles!) 🌊

  • Completing each Temple Bundle will reward you - and some items are new and exclusive! The final reward for completing all four includes a very special item…the Ancient Rock Garden.

The Ancient Rock Garden will be granted as a reward for completing all Temple of the Flames Bundles.

  • Placing the Ancient Rock Garden on your housing plot will have a special guest appear...the fabled Kitsuu.

  • Offer an item on the stone pedestal for a chance to receive a reward from the Kitsuu.

    • This interaction can be done once daily and resets at 9 PM PT(4 AM UTC).

The Kitsuu are rare beings—not pets—whose presence must be respected. They are not used to human interaction and may run away when approached. (This PSA has been brought to you by Hassian.)


You can now have a Friendship with Tau! 

We know this was a very deserved update for the bestest boi. And if you need any more motivation, know that you get a big ol’ Tau plushie as a reward for completing his Level 4 Friendship.

Get ready to craft the Emberborn Set!

In celebration of the Temple of the Flame being added, and inspired by Embra directly, this set features hues of orange and yellow, gold accents, and a design not unlike some of the ancient human ruins seen throughout Palia. Also flames, lots of flames. Did we mention fire?

Eight decor pieces have been added:

  • Emberborn Brazier, Emberborn Nightstand, Emberborn Bed, Emberborn Hanging Lamp, Emberborn Standing Lamp, Emberborn Stool, Emberborn Dining Table, and Emberborn Table Lamp

You can now grow Corn and Spicy Peppers.

  • Corn Seeds can immediately be purchased for 30 Gold at Zeki’s General Store.

  • Spicy Pepper Seeds require Level 6 Gardening, and costs 170 Gold at Zeki’s General Store.

  • You can also purchase Corn (the crop) directly from Badruu.

Ten new dishes are ready to be cooked! 

  • The following have been added: Spicy Rice Cakes, Hot Hounds, Crab Gumbo, Crab Pot Pie, Stuffed Phoenixfire Pepper, Chili Oil Dumplings, Spicy Stir Fry, Fish Tacos, Chapaa Asada Tacos, and Shepp's Pie.

  • You can obtain the recipes by purchasing from the Cooking Guild Store (Reth), finding them out in the world, or perhaps through other means. Try to learn them all!

More items have been added to Zeki’s Wondrous Machine.

  • This includes four more Valley Sunrise decor pieces: Valley Sunrise Sink, Valley Sunrise Hanging Lamp, Valley Sunrise Dining Table, and Valley Sunrise Cloche.

  • We’ve also added another plush! Joining the [REDACTED] is the [REDACTED] .

15 new books can now be found and read throughout the world of Palia.

  • Lore fans, this one’s for you!

It’s finally here: You can now multi-craft recipes from the Workbench! 

  • You can increase or decrease the amount of times the recipe is crafted using the buttons, or type the value in the field directly.

  • The limit is up to 99 times per crafting action.

  • This should apply to every recipe, so whether it’s Standard Arrows, or Log Cabin Garden Sernuks, have at it*!

    • So long as you have enough required ingredients.

Item Requests can now be fulfilled using items in your storage.

  • See a request you know you can fulfill, but it’s back at home in your storage? This change makes it so it’s easier than ever to help others, even while out adventuring!

Some quests have been adjusted:

  • The furniture required to complete “The Path Ahead” (Kenyatta Friendship Lvl. 4) has been changed to easier options.

  • Stuck on what the riddle for “Open the Door” (Jina Friendship Lvl. 3) means? Feel free to ask Einar for a hint!

  • A Scheme Involving Pyramids” (Elouisa Friendship Lvl. 4) has additional guidance now, so should it be easier to get started.

    • Have you been blocked from getting this quest despite having Level 4 Friendship with Elouisa? See the Bug Fixes section below!

  • Certain Found Item/Discovery quests relating to fishing should now be easier to unlock.


The focus values granted by various Preserve Jar Products have been reduced.

  • In taking a look at these values, we realized the numbers were set higher than intended. We have tuned them to better be proportionate to their sell values, which will make them more in line with other items that grant focus.
    • Pickled Carrot: 135 → 70 Focus
    • Pickled Onion: 180 → 90 Focus
    • Pickled Potato: 270 → 135 Focus
    • Pickled Tomato: 135 → 70 Focus
    • Blueberry Jam: 250 → 120 Focus
    • Apple Jam: 385 → 190 Focus

Interactable Light settings in your housing plot will persist and be viewed the same by all visitors.

  • If you want to have an entire room filled with lamps burning bright — and want everyone to know — you do you! 
  • Note: We are aware of a bug where the current light setting will be reversed, so what's “ON” will actually show as “OFF,” and vice versa.

Premium Store Updates

  • As mentioned in our Monetization Update blog, we have made some updates to the store based on feedback from the community.
  • The display price of bundles & outfits have been adjusted to better reflect their current cost.
  • Descriptions in the store have been improved to better explain how the bundle discount works.


Three New Outfit Bundles have been added to the Premium Store.

  • The Cadet Bundle (850/Outfit, 1700/Bundle) includes Lieutenant, General, and Admiral outfits.
  • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
  • The Disciple Bundle (1275/Outfit, 2549/Bundle) includes Novitiate, Ceremonial, and Renewal outfits.
  • Each outfit comes with a top and bottom.
  • The Ballroom Belle Bundle (1275/Outfit, 2549/Bundle) includes Resplendent, Efflorescent, and Majinificent outfits.
  • Each outfit comes with a one-piece and a hat.

Bug Fixes

Disclaimer: The Community Team does its very best to collect all possible Known Issues into our wicker baskets; however, we may not always be able to capture every quirk you encounter.

Holy smokes! Our devs fixed over 180 known issues this patch cycle - that’s a LOT of bugs! Here are some worth celebrating listed below.

  • [ES] The text error for item amount now shows the correct value, instead of x {Amount}.
  • Players can now use 4 numbers in their Full Name instead of 3.
  • Star quality items gifted through the Requests system now remain star quality.
  • The Moonstruck Grimoire can now be placed on tables.
  • Einar’s Adornment can now be placed.
  • Skill plaques are now placeable on exterior walls.
  • The Accomplishment “Kilima Caches” was awarding an item named “Kilima Village Map”, but was showing a map for Bahari Bay. It now shows Kilima Village as intended.
  • Housing accomplishment trophies have had their “pickup” prompts updated to the correct trophy names.
  • Villagers who had not been accepting their Weekly Wants items will now accept them again, such as Chayne’s request for Apples or Ashura’s request for Samara seeds.
  • For Elouisa’s “That Fishy Feeling” quest (Friendship Lvl. 3), the quest no longer rewards Exquisite Bobbers. It now instead rewards a Major Safe Zone Size Booster attachment.
  • Players who have been unable to start “A Scheme Involving Pyramids” (Elouisa Friendship Lvl. 4) can now talk to her while she is in her room to get it started.
  • Missing dialogue options for Jina’s “Open The Door” quest have been fixed.
  • For Zeki’s quest “Bugs Everywhere” (Friendship Lvl. 4), it now accurately reads as only needing to catch 25 bugs, instead of 30.
  • Jel’s clothing details no longer pop in and out when approaching him, or walking away from him.
  • Treasure chests that will overflow your inventory can no longer be picked up, risking items being destroyed.
  • Players will no longer see the occasional duplicated icon on their compass.
  • We’ve fixed the lack of collisions in multiple areas of Kilima Village, especially around Zeki’s shop, the Daiya Family farm, and City Hall.
  • The fishing rod floating beneath the tavern has moved on.
  • Players can no longer climb the invisible pillar in the Pavel Mines.
  • We’ve fixed multiple areas of the map where players were getting stuck, including cliffs near the Bahari Stables geyser.
  • Cicadas now spawn attached to trees, instead of next to them.
  • Insects that spawned from mining or foraging now scramble away, instead of staying in place or spawning underground.
  • Insects around the Daiya Family Farm now spawn more quickly.
  • Heat Root no longer spawns in inaccessible places around Bahari Bay.
  • Flow trees no longer spawn in areas of Bahari Bay where players could not reach them.
  • The 424 error now displays as “Client outdated. Please exit and run Palia Launcher to update.” instead of “cannot place you in queue”.

That's everything you need to know on the latest Palia patch notes, but be sure to bookmark this page to keep updated on every patch as it arrives.