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Palia Storage Guide: How To Get And Manage Inventory

To ensure that your time foraging and collecting items and resources aren't wasted, Palia will have an Inventory available to all players in Palia.
Palia Storage Guide: How To Get And Manage Inventory

As players explore the wilderness, the rolling cliffs, and the lakeside of Palia, you'll stumble across unique resources and items that can be used in crafting. This can benefit your gameplay progression, especially when leveling up the skills you wish to advance, whether fishing or mining in-game.

It's, therefore, essential to have a storage system accessible as it allows you to add acquired items to your inventory and manage it to make browsing much more accessible. We've explained if a storage system will be available to players and how to manage it in Palia.

Will You Have An Inventory In Palia?

Yes, Palia will undoubtedly have a storage system in place for players to store items and other valuables while exploring the world of Kilima Village. Your inventory is essential in enhancing your gameplay experience in Palia, as this can influence how you play and make it accessible to have and use.

palia features guide storage space inventory limited space bag upgrades getting stsrted
Players will have some storage space in their bag when starting their adventures in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This will come in handy for players when engaging in activities such as fishing, foraging, hunting, and mining, where you will acquire resources to be used later in cooking and furniture making. Additionally, having some storage space when on a shopping spree in the village will ensure they can get the necessary items.

When starting, however, your storage space within your inventory will be limited as the developer has made some limitations regarding the storage space players will have in-game. Although, they will be inventory upgrades to acquire, which is unknown as of writing, to increase your storage space for players to collect more resources and purchase more items.

Accessing and managing your inventory will be straightforward, and crafting items will be easier to do directly within your inventory. Additionally, your storage space will be shared across multiple types, from your bag to the chests you may have in your home.

How To Manage Your Storage Space In Palia?

As stated before, managing your storage space within storage space will be straightforward for players to achieve in Palia. Firstly, your storage space will be shared across all forms, from your bag's default inventory to the chests crafted and placed throughout your home.

palia features guide storage space inventory bag upgrades shopping collecting harvesting
You may be able to obtain bag and storage upgrades by purchasing them at the various stores found in-game. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This will make browsing and sorting resources and items easy, especially for crafting and foraging, as you can manage it by the type of items currently stored. Since the Alpha tests, the developer has added new features within the storage system allowing players to sort items using the tagging feature, which catalogs items using specific tags so that players can find the item/s they need.

Additionally, you can craft items directly from your storage without removing them from your bag or chest. When crafting at a workstation, it will remember the last project/s you have worked on by saving the tags or filters so that you can immediately jump into crafting and, likewise, not have to remove items from your inventory.

Plenty of additional features will be added to the game's storage system to enhance your gameplay experience further and make collecting and harvesting resources more fun and meaningful. This could extend to more upgrades you can obtain; however, details on this haven't been confirmed yet.