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Palia Quest Guide: How To Solve The Ancient Battery Riddle

Help Jina and Hekla research the ruins found in Phoenix Falls by solving the Ancient Battery riddle and uncovering its secrets in Palia.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Solve The Ancient Battery Riddle

After completing the tutorial quest and learning the ropes on using various skills and in-game mechanics, it's time to meet up with Jina and Hekla to begin the Ancient Battery quest. This quest will start exploring the history of Kilima Village and the sudden disappearance of humans from this world until you arrive at the village.

There is a strange-looking object that you have found, and in talks with Jina, who believes it may have something to do with the ruins found, a riddle has slowed her progress in learning more. Here's how to solve the Ancient Riddle quest and help Jina and Hekla with their investigations in Palia.

Palia Ancient Battery Quest Objective List

Before we solve the riddle, which is part of the Ancient Battery quest triggered after locating the strange-looking object; you'll need to first speak with Jina to get the quest. Below we have listed all the quest objectives for the Ancient Battery quest in Palia:

  1. Try the battery on the door behind the waterfall
  2. Explore the chamber inside the door
  3. Solve the riddle
  4. Talk to Jina in the mysterious chamber
  5. Scout, as far as you can go
  6. Return to Jina

How To Solve Ancient Battery Riddle In Palia

palia quest guide ancient battery riddle how to solve phoenix falls battery door waterfall
With the battery in your Inventory slot, head out to Phoenix Falls to locate a door found behind a waterfall. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The Ancient Battery riddle is a puzzle-solving task required to complete the Ancient Battery quest in Palia. This quest will trigger after clearing your housing plot, where you'll find a strange-looking object, starting the Mysterious Object quest, and you'll have to find Jina somewhere in the village.

After speaking with her, she'll request that you meet up with her and Hekla at the cave where they first found you, which is at Phoenix Falls, north of Kilima Village. As you approach the location, cross the wooden bridge and turn left, going up the stairs until you've located the waterfall to your right.

Move past the waterfall, where you'll find a white-stoned door with gold marking. You'll need to place the mysterious object in the allocated slot if it's equipped to your Inventory slot. Once used, you'll enter a mysterious chamber where crossing the platform will lead you to a bowl in the center of the chamber.

On either side of the chamber are two more bowls and a large wall with an inscription which you'll need to inspect to trigger the next objective. You'll need to solve the Ancient Battery riddle to either start the following objective or complete this quest and help Jina with her research.

palia quest guide ancient battery riddle how to solve chamber bowl center
After viewing the clues found around the chamber, you'll need to determine its answer and interact with the center bowl. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The bowl in the center is rusted, with its inscription having been warned as the result of rust build-up, but the remaining clues can be inspected. The three clues for the Ancient Battery riddle are as follows:

  • "Roots of darkness take hold from echoes woes; our hope shall live on so long as this water flows."
  • "Nev-- L--ving" with a "frowny face" beside its inscription.
  • "Knowledge grows the mind even in times of strife. To enter here, you must supply that which grows life."

Looking at what's inside the chamber and the first clue will give you the answer to the riddle you must solve. Supplying something that "grows life," the answer to this riddle is WATER; using your watering can, which should have been filled or at least have water in it, go back to the center bowl, equip the watering can, and left-click on the mouse to fill the bowl.

A cutscene will play, and the next set of doors will open; you can continue exploring the chamber; however, you will only get far if the bridge to the opposite side is destroyed. Return to Jina and speak with her as she advises that you'll need a glider, and you can meet with Najima in Bahari Bay.

This will complete the Ancient Battery quest, and you can proceed to complete the next quest, The Phoenix Statue for which the objective is in the chamber where you were found. Before leaving, there's a Tattered Journal by the doors bearing the inscription, and on the left staircase, an Ancient Tome can be found.