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Palia Skills Guide: How To Unlock & Level Up

Skills are one of the core game mechanics to learn as they help you with your daily life, gameplay progression, and discovering stories in Palia.
Palia Skills Guide: How To Unlock & Level Up

Palia will feature multiple core gameplay mechanics that guide your adventures when starting in-game. Aside from the lore, friendship, and romance options, acquiring and mastering skills will directly impact how you play and eventually advance with your overall gameplay progression.

The cozy MMO will feature eight different skills for you to explore, and using them daily will help you progress and rank the skill. This guide explains what skills will be available upon launch and how to level up your skills in Palia.

What Skills Can You Unlock In Palia?

When starting your adventures in Palia, players will have access to eight unique skills to help them navigate Kilima Village, as these skills are a core feature of your gameplay experience. They'll "come into play" when learning how to cook delicious meals, crafting unique furniture for your home, or understanding the village's ecosystem and biodiversity.

palia skills guide what skills can you unlock how to unlock skills furnishing introduction quest
Learn the intricacies of the Furnishing skill by completing its Introduction Quest, and begin crafting and decorating your home by completing its associated tasks. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Below we've listed all the skills you will have available at the start of your Palian adventures:

  • Cooking: An essential skill that gives you access to cooking delicious meals and more recipes, influencing how you play in-game.
  • Fishing: Want to spend a relaxing day at the lake, waiting for your next catch? Then the waters are calling as you can become a master angler and start catching the bountiful species using an array of equipment.
  • Forging: This skill pertains to searching and collecting natural resources that grow in the wild, like mushrooms, flowers, and wood used for cooking, gardening, and furniture crafting.
  • Furnishing: This skill is dedicated to the art of crafting furniture pieces and decor items to decor your home and give every room utility and purpose
  • Gardening: A skill that requires fewer tools, gardening implements more strategy when mapping out gardens and which time of the year to plant seeds to be harvested and used for cooking.
  • Hunting: Kilima Village has plenty of wild beasts to track and hunt to acquire juicy cuts of meat and various hides and pelts for furniture crafting.
  • Insect Catching: Join Auni in the forests to discover the biodiversity of Kilima Village and find a rare insect or bug to bring home.
  • Mining: If precious metals, ores, and stones interest you, then learning the mining skill can fulfill your goal by mining these resources used in furnishing.

Each skill is essential and can affect adjacent skills when learning and progressing them, as every skill has its own set of tasks to complete. Additionally, these skills are interconnected with other skills you may learn, like cooking, gardening, hunting, and fishing.

How To Unlock & Level Up Skills In Palia?

These skills are unlocked by default, and you have the freedom of choice to choose whichever skills will match your gameplay style. You will need to begin their introduction quest, which can be led by meeting specific Villagers in Kilima Village to begin learning and mastering them.

Additionally, the developers are planning for interactions with these specific NPCs, which "leads" these skills listed to become available soon. Below we've detailed the Villager NPCs whom as associated with the skills available to learn and master in Palia:

Palia Skill Villager NPC
Ashura Foraging
Auni Insect-catching
Badruu Gardening
Einar Fishing
Hassian Hunting
Hodari Mining
Reth Cooking
Tish Furnishing

Which skills you will choose is the players' choice as you must complete its associated tasks or quests to rank up your skills, especially when using them in-game. The more you use these skills, the faster you level up, but in addition, various items will become available to you, including concepts, recipes, and equipment.