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Where To Find Ashura & Ormuu’s Horn Inn In Palia

Ashura is one of the characters you can befriend and can help you with a skill, but where can you find him and the Ormuu’s Horn Inn in Palia?
Where To Find Ashura & Ormuu’s Horn Inn In Palia

Palia features a cast of unique, interesting, and friendly characters that reside in Kilima Village and the neighboring Bahrai Bay. Many of these characters can help you get settled in by providing knowledge on the wonders of this world and the various skills you can utilize.

One of these delightful characters is a towering elf, Ashura, whose spirited and warming personality makes him one of the community leaders, but where does one find him? We’ve explained in this handy guide what you need to know about Ashura and where to find him and the Ormuu’s Horn Inn in Palia.

Who Is Ashura In Palia?

Ashura is one of the many Villagers that call Kilima Village home and is the local innkeeper of the Ormuu’s Horn Inn. As the first and last person you’ll see each day, Ashura is considered by many as the “Village Dad” by helping anyone and everyone settle in Kilima.

palia gameplay guide ashura innkeeper who is he war hero retired innkeeper
A war hero now retired, Ashura can be found making new residents feel welcomed at the Ormuu's Horn Inn. (Picture: Palia / Twitter)

Likewise, Ashura also heads up the Foraging Guild and is the Skill Master for the Foraging Skill should you wish to progress with this skill. You can visit Ashura at any time of the day at the inn or he can be found in contemplation at the Remembrance Garden, south of the village.

When exploring his backstory, you’ll learn that Ashura is a war hero who retired to a quaint life in Kilima Village. Ashura is widely regarded as a pillar of its growing community, providing much-needed assistance and guidance to anyone asking him. 

How To Find The Ormuu’s Horn Inn in Palia?

As for locating Ormuu’s Horn Inn in Palia, this is the first objective in the game’s tutorial quest, Welcome to Palia. After meeting Jina and Hekla at Phoenix Falls, you need to make your way into the village to locate Ashura at the inn.

palia gameplay guide ashura innkeeper where to find location ormuus horn inn
Ormuu's Horn Inn is located in the town square across from the water fountain in Kilima Village. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Once you find the exit to the cave, you’ll be able to access your map, which can help you find the best route into the village. You have the option of taking either path, but the one that leads directly into Kilima Village is the left path which following it will take you into the village.

You will find yourself at the town square, the central hub of Palia, and you can discover Ormuu’s Horn Inn across from the water fountain. Additionally, a blacksmith workshop is located next door to the inn, which should help you locate it successfully, and heading inside; you can find Ashura at the reception desk.

Additionally, Reth, who works at the inn as a chef, can be found left of the reception area if you wish to befriend or pursue romantic interests. And yes, you can befriend Ashura too if you see him at the inn or the Remembrance Garden but do keep in mind Ashura’s daily schedule, as he won’t be at either location at certain times of the day.