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Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Welcome To Palia Tutorial Quest

Start your Palian adventure by heading out to Kilima Village to meet Villagers and learn some skills in the Welcome To Palia tutorial quest.
Palia Quest Guide: How To Complete Welcome To Palia Tutorial Quest

After creating your character in Palia, you will immediately enter the game once the cutscene plays, and you’ll meet Jina and her companion, Hekla, inside a cave at Phoenix Falls. After speaking with Jina, you will automatically trigger the tutorial quest, Welcome To Palia, where you’ll meet a handful of Villagers and learn a few skills to master.

You’ll need to complete a few objectives in this tutorial quest to help players adjust to their new life in Kilima Village. Luckily for players, we have listed all the objectives and provided some details in the walkthrough for the tutorial quest, Welcome to Palia.

Palia's Welcome To Palia Objective List

  1. Find Ashura in Kilima Village
  2. Meet Hodari at the housing plot
  3. Clear some debris from the plot
  4. Return to Hodari
  5. Place your worktable
  6. Craft a tent at the workbench
  7. Place a tent
  8. Talk to Auni when he visits your plot
  9. Check your mail and pick up any item deliveries
  10. Return to Auni
  11. Leave your housing plot

How To Complete The Welcome To Palia Tutorial Quest

palia quest guide welcome to palia tutorial quest how to complete phoneix falls caves
Make your way out of Phoenix Falls towards Kilima Village in the tutorial quest. (Picture: Singularity 6)

From your starting location inside a cave at Phoenix Falls, you’ll need to jump across the cavern and climb up using the vines to reach the end of the tunnel. You’ll notice a waterfall in this area, where you must go left from the waterfall and follow the path to exit the cave and cross the wooden bridge to begin making your way towards Kilima Village.

After crossing the bridge, turn left at the crossroads and follow this path until you’ve entered Kilima Village. Once you’ve reached the village, you’ll need to locate the town square, where you need to find the Ormuu’s Horn Inn across from the water fountain and near the river.

Speaking to Ashura, who will give you a Makeshift Axe, will mark on your map Hodari’s location, which can be found outside of Kilima Village in the mountains nearby Chapaa Crossing. Here, Hodari will ask you to clear the housing plot using the Makeshift Pickaxe, and you’ll learn and use the Mining skill to clear the plot.

Additionally, there are some trees to clear, which use the axe received from Ashura; you’ll get to use the Foraging skill to chop down trees and collect the lumber. After speaking with Hodari, he’ll give you a crafting worktable, which you’ll be using for all crafting purposes, and you’ll be instructed to craft and place a tent which the recipe you can get from Hodari.

palia quest guide welcome to palia tutorial quest how to complete objectives clear housing plot debris
Once you have cleared your housing plot, speak to Hodari, who will give you a recipe to craft your tent. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Auni, the town’s mailperson, will visit your housing plot and introduce you to the Mailing system. They’ll inform you that you have mail to collect from the Mailbox, which you’ll receive from Einar and Hassian, and you can collect the rewards when reading the mail and return to Auni.

You’ll have the last bit of dialogue with Auni before they give you a housewarming gift of Smoke Bombs and a recipe to craft more Smoke Bombs. Lastly, they’ll tell you to start exploring the world and meet some of the Villagers who complete the tutorial quest, Welcome to Palia.

You’ll receive three new quests to continue your initial exploration of Kilima Village and get acquainted with the game’s lore, Friendship system, and skills. You can return to your housing plot to begin A Storage Solution, meet up with Jina to start Mysterious Object or learn the Cooking skill with Reth and the Gardening skill with Badruu.