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Palia: How To Get & Use The Bluebell Flower Seeds

Do not weep at the appearance of this fascinating flower; getting Bluebell Flower seeds is quite straightforward, as detailed in this guide for Palia.
Palia: How To Get & Use The Bluebell Flower Seeds
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Spring is here, and developer Singularity 6 has refreshed the world of Palia with beautiful themed decorations and flowers scattered throughout the overland. This was added to the latest game update, allowing Palians to continue gardening with new flowers like the Bluebell Flower.

Unlike most flowers, the Bluebell Flower does have a rather sad or weepy appearance, but acquiring its seeds should bring a smile to their faces. For those looking to know more about this delightful flower, we've detailed in this guide how they can get the Bluebell Flower seeds in Palia.

How To Get And Use The Bluebell Flower Seeds In Palia?

The Bluebell Flower, with a deep blue and purple hue and a weepy appearance, is one of the new flower species that arrived in Palia in the v0.179 patch update. This update added ten more flowers to the base game, all of which can exclusively be found in Bahari Bay, including the Bluebell Flower.

The Spineshell Crab, found in certain locations in Bahari Bay, can drop a Bluebell Flower seed when caught. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

While Palians can try to listen closely for a chime to ring, hoping to take away their blues, they won't have to struggle too much in obtaining the flower seeds. As mentioned before, the Bluebell Flower is native to Bahari Bay and will have to catch a particularly crabby friend for the chance to drop a seed.

Do bring along some Smoke Bombs and other valuable Bug Catching tools to catch the Spineshell Crab frolicking the beaches of Bahari Bay. The Spineshell Crab typically spawns near the shallow waters of the Flooded Fortress and along the coastline stretching from Coral Shores to Beachcomber Cove.

These creatures can be seen at any time of the day, and they're recognized for their deep red shell color, which should be easy enough to spot. After catching enough Spineshell Crabs and obtaining as many Bluebell Flower seeds as possible, they can start using them, and the first is simply planting them.

The Spineshell Crab can be found near the shallow waters at the Flooded Fortress but also along the Bahari Bay coast. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

With the introduction of the Flowers and Trees System, we know that planting flowers and tree seeds doesn't require any soil and can be done directly on the ground. The Bluebell Flower seed will require some watering to begin germination from seed to sapling to bloomed flower.

Once they're in full bloom, they can move the flowers around to decorate their outdoor spaces or utilize them indoors to freshen up the rooms. Another way they can get a flower seed is once the Bluebell is fully bloomed, they're guaranteed to receive one Bluebell Flower seed before they can use it to plant and grow more flowers.

Lastly, if Palians have reached Bug Catching Level 10 and higher, which unlocks Weekly Challenges, they can acquire Bluebell Flower seeds from its Guild Store. They can locate Auni in Kilima Village, where they can purchase one Bluebell Flower seed from him for ten Skill Medals should they need more or have issues obtaining them in-game.