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Palia: Where To Get & Use The Skill Medals

Skill Medals are a unique type of currency exclusively used at a Guild Store, as we've explained in this guide how to earn and use them in Palia.
Palia: Where To Get & Use The Skill Medals
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Leveling up Skills plays a vital role in players' proficiency with a specific skill, but it also unlocks a unique set of achievements whereby they can begin earning Skill Medals. This exclusive currency is linked with the Skills and Accomplishments systems, which, in the latter's case, the Weekly Challenges will be unlocked when reaching a specific Skill level for players to complete.

Nevertheless, completing these weekly tasks will award them with Skill Medals, but when visiting various Skill Masters, they'll have exclusive items available to purchase. We've compiled this skill-worthy guide on how players can get Skill Medals and the best places to spend them in Palia.

How To Get The Skill Medals In Palia?

Players have familiarized themselves with various types of currency like Gold, Renown, Lucky Coins, and Palia Coins, but there’s yet another available currency for players to use in-game. Skill Medals can be used when making in-game purchases, including resources, wallpapers, and furniture pieces, which can be used to decorate their spaces.

palia currency guide skill medals how where to get skill master guild store badruu gardening
Visit Badruu at the family farm to view the items he has available from the Gardening Guild Store. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

However, what makes Skill Medals different from Gold and Renown, yet similar to Lucky Coins, is that Skill Medals can be used exclusively at the Guild Store. However, there are eight types of Skill Medals for players to earn, which can only be used at its associated Guild Store.

To earn Skill Medals, players must reach Level 10 with any eight available Skills (Bug Catching, Cooking, Fishing, Foraging, Furniture Making, Gardening, Hunting, and Mining) to start earning Skill Medals. Each time they level up a Skill, they’ll earn ten Skill Medals by default, but the best way to earn more Skill Medals is by completing Weekly Challenges.

These, too, unlock when reaching Level 10 with any Skill, and these can be found below the Accomplishments tab from the Character Profile menu. Once they’ve completed a Weekly Challenge, they’ll earn their corresponding Skill Medals, which can be used at the Guild Store.

palia currency guide skill medals how where to get leveling weekly challenges
Players can find their Skill Medals tally when viewing their Inventory in-game. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

To find how many Skill Medals they’ve amassed, they can navigate to the Character Profile menu and click the Inventory tab to view the current total of Skill Medals. It’s important to note that the maximum number of Skill Medals players can hold at any given time is capped at 2,000 Medals for each Skill.

How To Use The Skill Medals In Palia?

As alluded to previously, Skill Medals are a form of in-game currency earned by leveling up Skills and completing Weekly Skill Challenges and used at its associated Guild Store. As each Guild has its Guild Master who runs the store, they can visit them any time of the day to buy items guaranteed they have enough Skill Medals.

If players are unsure as to what items they can find at each Guild Store, we’ve provided the complete Inventory of all Guild Store items available to purchase and their cost in Palia:

Bug Catching Guild Store
Item: Cost: Item Type:
Sneaky Smoke Bombs x20 4 Skill Medals Equipment
Sticky Smoke Bombs x20
Smoke Candle 5 Skill Medals Consumable
Supreme Smoke Bomb 12 Skill Medals Equipment
Buzzy Jar 50 Skill Medals Consumable
Honey Lure 75 Skill Medals
Bug Catcher's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Butterfly Lights Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Bug Catcher's Lure 560 Skill Medals
Bug Catcher's Insectarium 980 Skill Medals
Cooking Guild Store
Hearty Vegetable Soup 2 Skill Medals Consumable
Steak Dinner 5 Skill Medals
Chaapa Masala 10 Skill Medals
Cook's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Ramen Bowl Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Cook's Trays 560 Skill Medals
Cook's Market Stand 980 Skill Medals
Fishing Guild Store
Major Hook Time Booster 5 Skill Medals Equipment
Major Rod Recovery Booster
Major Safe Zone Size Booster
Major Safe Zone Speed Booster
Glow Worms x20 10 Skill Medals Consumable
Tuning Fork 50 Skill Medals Equipment
Standard Bobber 75 Skill Medals
Fisher's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Fine Bobber 175 Skill Medals Equipment
Under the Sea Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals Customization
Exquisite Bobber 275 Skill Medals Equipment
Lantern Bobber 550 Skill Medals
Fisher's Treasure Chest 560 Skill Medals Customization
Fisher's Aquarium 980 Skill Medals
Foraging Guild Store
Flow-infused Plank 3 Skill Medals Consumable
Sweet Leaf
Brightshroom 6 Skill Medals
Heat Root
Dragon's Beard Peat 8 Skill Medals
Dari Cloves 12 Skill Medals
Heartdrop Lily 20 Skill Medals
Forager's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Mushroom Woods Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Forager's Planter 560 Skill Medals
Forager's Bonsai 980 Skill Medals
Kilima Koi Pond 1,120 Skill Medals
Furniture Making Guild Store
Furniture Maker's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Blueprint Board Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Furniture Maker's Tool Chest 560 Skill Medals
Furniture Maker's Drawing Board 980 Skill Medals
Gardening Guild Store
HarvestBoost Fertilizer 10 Skill Medals Consumable
SpeedyGro Fertilizer 20 Skill Medals
Blueberry Bush Seed 45 Skill Medals
Gardener's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Tomato Vines Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Apple Tree Seed 280 Skill Medals Consumable
Gardener's Cornucopia 560 Skill Medals Customization
Gardener's Growhouse 980 Skill Medals
Well 1,120 Skill Medals
Hunting Guild Store
Standard Arrow 3 Skill Medals Equipment
Slowdown Arrow 4 Skill Medals
Fine Arrow 5 Skill Medals
Dispel Arrow 6 Skill Medals
Blue Peony Fireworks x10
Green Peony Fireworks x10 
Purple Peony Fireworks x10 
Red Peony Fireworks x10 
White Peony Fireworks x10 
Yellow Peony Fireworks x10 
Hunter's Horn 25 Skill Medals Consumable
Hunter's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Sernuk Run Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Hunter's Target 560 Skill Medals
Hunter's Mannequin 980 Skill Medals
Mining Guild Store
Palium Bar 10 Skill Medals Consumable
Silver Bar 25 Skill Medals
Gold Bar 50 Skill Medals
Ore Compass Equipment
Miner's Plaque 140 Skill Medals Customization
Furnace Parts Wallpaper 220 Skill Medals
Miner's Anvil 560 Skill Medals
Miner's Curio Case 980 Skill Medals


Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.