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Where To Get Cyl The Green Plush In Palia

Remember those bizarre pipes that were scattered throughout the Bahari Bay coast? Well, it's a plush named Cyl, so here's how to get him!
Where To Get Cyl The Green Plush In Palia
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Palia's v0.179 patch update has officially rolled out for PC and Nintendo Switch, adding new content, features, bug fixes, and Quality-of-Life improvements (QoL). Of the new content added to the cozy MMO, a new adorably green collectible has Palians digging through the dirt.

A new plush named Cyl has been made available for them to acquire, which will see an influx of Palians heading out to Bahari Bay to get them. If they're wondering how exactly, we've provided all the details on how to get the Cyl the Green Plush in Palia.

How To Get The Cyl The Green Plush In Palia?

The latest update for the cozy MMO Palia introduced plenty of new gameplay features, content, bug fixes, and improvements in the v0.179 patch. As detailed in their recent patch notes, this also included a new collectible Palians can start acquiring, Cyl the Green Plush, which has quite the backstory most will remember.

The v0.179 patch update added a new Plush named Cyl, which can be obtained only in Bahari Bay. According to the patch notes, this adorable plush was primarily inspired by the Palian community's response "to a very visible bug that appeared in 0.177," and as such, the opportunity couldn't be passed up.

For reference, a notable visual bug appeared following the 0.177 update, which introduced Rummage Piles to Bahari Bay. This resulted in strange-looking platforms appearing in the same locations as the Rummage Piles, which is the inspiration behind Cyl the Green Plush's design.

Palians can search through the Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay, hoping to get Cyl the Green Plush. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Nevertheless, Cyl is available for Palians to acquire, and per the patch notes, how it can be obtained pays "homage to their origins." Palians can search any Rummage Pile found across the Bahari Bay coast for a chance to get this cute green plush and add them to their growing collection.

Additionally, the developer provided a unique feature regarding acquiring Cyl the Green Plush. Palians can get as many Cyl the Green Plushs as possible, meaning there's no limit to how many they can get when searching through the Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay.

As for where the Rummage Piles are located in Bahari Bay, they all appear along the Bahari Bay coast between Statue Garden and Beachcomber Cove. They spawn once daily in one location in real-time, and once they've searched through it, they'll have to wait for the next day in real-world time for the next spawn location, as detailed in our guide here.