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Is There Fast Travel In Palia?

Everyone wants to travel around Kilima Village faster, but is there a Fast Travel system in place in Palia? We've investigated this in this guide.
Is There Fast Travel In Palia?

Your time exploring the scenic environment in Kilima Village, most of your outdoor adventures will be spent in Palia, primarily on foot or by using the glider. With so many locations to visit and secrets to uncover, sometimes it’s best if there’s a faster way to navigate around the village.

Like many other popular RPGs and MMOs, the Fast Travel system helps them to go from point A to B without spending time walking, sprinting, or using different modes of transportation. So, the main question addressed in this guide is whether Palia has a Fast Travel system and how to use it.

Does Palia Have Fast Travel?

palia travel guide fast travel explained stables board how to fast travel
Players can find a few Fast Travel boards throughout Killima Village and Bahari Bay, but it requires Gold. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Like with most popular RPGs and MMOs, Palia has a Fast Travel system, although it’s well hidden in the world. Instead, Fast Travel is labeled under a different name called Stables which explains how many players ran past the Fast Travel boards when exploring the world.

Once unlocked, these Stable boards are denoted by a horseshoe icon when viewing the World Map from your Character profile. There are a few notable Stable boards that are found in-world at the following locations:

  • Central Stables – Bahari Bay
  • Central Stables – Kilima Village
  • Leafhopper Hills – Kilima Village
  • Mirror Fields – Kilima Village
  • Whispering Banks – Kilima Village

How To Use Fast Travel In Palia?

palia travel guide fast travel explained stables board glider like a bird quest glider
If a Stable board isn't nearby, you can also use a glider to travel faster, and you can craft your first one during the Like A Bird quest. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

If you wish to utilize a Stable board in Palia, you can approach any board at either location, which brings up a mini menu of locations to travel to. Using this system will require some Gold to be spent for a successful trip from one point to another, allowing you to continue your adventures.

Additionally, players can fast travel to some extent from anywhere on the map back to their home by accessing the Character profile and selecting the World Map tab. There is, however, a cooldown period when fast traveling back to your home, which is estimated to be around 20 minutes in-game before using it again.

However, another way to travel quicker to your destination is by using a glider to hover over the skies of Kilima Village. Your first glider can be acquired after completing the Like a Bird quest which tasks you with collecting resources to help Najuma craft one for you, or if you have invited five friends via the Refer-A-Friend program, you’ll earn a glider reward for free.