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Palia Fiction Fan Found Item Quest And Walkthrough

A mysterious book is locked inside a case at the Restricted Section, where they can inquire with Caleri about the Fiction Fan quest in Palia.
Palia Fiction Fan Found Item Quest And Walkthrough
(Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Considered a place for learning, knowledge, and an escape from the world, the Kilima Village Library also holds its secrets, which are kept away from Villagers within the Restricted Section. Ironically, there's a quest to be found inside this area of the Library, but they are to speak with Caleri to receive the Fiction Fan Found Item quest.

This quest pertains to a book locked away at the Restricted Section; however, its reasons will be known once they've inquired with Caleri. Truth is somewhat stranger than fiction, as we've explained in this guide how to complete the Fiction Fan Found Item quest, with its objectives included, for Palia.

Palia Fiction Fan Found Item Quest Objectives List

Fiction Fan is a Found Item quest Palians can discover when exploring the Kilima Village Library before inquiring with Caleri. Once they've spoken to her, Caleri will give them this quest, and they can continue their investigations regarding a peculiar book.

Speak with Caleri to inquire about the book locked away inside the display case at the Restricted Section. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

The only prerequisite for this Found Item quest is access to the restricted Section of the Library to help with their progression. Nevertheless, let's look at the objectives they can follow to help complete this quest in Palia:

  • Ask Caleri about the imprisoned book
  • Collect the book
  • Deliver the book to Elouisa

How To Complete The Fiction Fan Found Item Quest In Palia?

This Discovery quest starts at the Kilima Village Library; however, to gain access to the restricted section, they must have reached Friendship Level 3 with Caleri and completed the Knowledge Slueth quest. If they meet this requirement, they can enter the Restricted Section and look for a book locked within a display case.

This display case is found between the second counter and a bookshelf on the left side of the Restricted Section from the entrance. Interact with the display case before returning to Caleri to inquire about the book, for which she explains that the book is locked away and chronicles the fictional history of the "Fall of Humanity."

Collect the book from the display case before delivering it to Elouisa. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As Caleri expresses her disdain for the book, her twin sister, Elouisa, is obsessed with the book, and due to her ongoing discussions about it, Caleri has to lock it away. They can convince Caleri to give Elouisa another chance to not annoy her with this book, for which they can collect the book from the display case before finding Elouisa.

Once they've found her, they can hand over the book to her, to which she expresses her excitement for it. While she tries to persuade them of how they've obtained it, she ends the conversation by returning home to read the book.

This concludes the Fiction Fan quest for Palia, for which they'll receive various rewards upon completion. They can earn a Jewlwing Dragonfly and ten Renown as rewards for completing the Fiction Fan quest in Palia.