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Where To Get & Use The Library Card In Palia

Be in Caleri's good books to obtain the Library Card to gain more knowledge by completing a quest and improving your relationship in Palia.
Where To Get & Use The Library Card In Palia

Caleri is one of the many Villagers you can get acquainted with, and she’s not hard to find as she’s the Head Librarian in Kilima Village. The twin sister of Elouisa, forming and growing your relationship with Caleri will be much harder to achieve as she has a serious demeanor and is dedicated to her job, but it is possible.

Nevertheless, if you’re in pursuit of culinary knowledge, then you’ll need the Library Card to complete a specific quest and continue developing your bond with her. This guide accounts for how to get and use the Library Card and be in Caleri’s good books in Palia.

How To Get The Library Card In Palia?

The Library Card may seem like a novelty item to acquire, but its use proves that it’s extremely valuable, especially for players looking to become Kilima’s top chef. This item can be received when meeting two specific conditions: the first is completing the quest, Manners, Manners, in which you’re instructed to read a book regarding manners placed on Caleri’s desk.

palia items guide library card how to get caleri manners manners quest friendship
Complete the "Manners, Manners" quest and increase your Friendship with Caleri to receive the Library Card. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After reporting back to her, select the appropriate dialogue options that may have some influence on receiving the Library Card. Below, we’ve listed the appropriate answers to submit to Caleri once you’ve finished reading the book:

  • Caleri: "Did you? And did you learn something?
    • You: “Majiri society places high value on manners” or
    • You: “To say please and thank you?”

Selecting any of these answers will impress or be acknowledged by Caleri, which concludes the quest, and you’ll earn Renown and Friendship XP to improve your relationship with Caleri. The second condition to be met is increasing your friendship with Caleri, and this can be done by chatting to her daily in-game and, once available, requesting her Weekly Want gift, which can either be one of the following:

  • Blueberry Jam
  • Dari Cloves
  • Glass Bulb
  • Sundrop Lily
palia items guide library card how to use read books find recipes creamy carrot soup
You can find a book in the Library where you can receive the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Players will likely have access to a Glass Bulb or foraged Sundrop Lilies in the open-world environments, which shouldn’t be too hard to get. Keep chatting with Caleri to improve your relationship, and she’ll forward you a letter to your Mailbox with a green Library Card enclosed with the letter.

How To Use The Library Card In Palia?

With the Library Card in your possession, you can visit the Library anytime to read a book made available to you by Caleri. It’s unclear just how many books are available to read at the time of writing, but there is a green cookbook found on the shelf in the reading nook on the right side, which gives you the Creamy Carrot Soup recipe.

This recipe is quite important as cooking this dish is one of the Weekly Wants requested by Reth, so ensure you have enough carrots, which can be purchased from Zeki’s General Store. However, like many players growing their gardens on their housing plot, you can grow carrots to be sold or used in various recipes like Hearty Vegetable Soup and Creamy Carrot Soup.