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Palia: Where To Find The Flow Trees & Groves

Listen out for their magical call, which will help players find Flow Trees and Flow Tree Groves, as detailed in this whimsical guide for Palia.
Palia: Where To Find The Flow Trees & Groves
(Picture: Singularity 6)

Flow-Infused Trees, or Flow Tress as commonly known, are a type of forageable resource that players can farm by chopping them to collect logs. These magical-imbued trees are extremely rare in terms of spawn rate and, most importantly, are pretty difficult to chop down but are easy to find throughout Kilima Village and Bahari Bay.

Palia’s v0.173 patch update added a new cooperative event, Flow Tree Groves, which should address player concerns regarding Flow Tree spawns in-game. If the Flow Tree spirits are still calling, we’ve detailed where players may find Flow Trees and Flow Tree Groves and the best uses of their loot drop, Flow-Infused Wood in Palia.

How To Find The Flow Trees And Groves In Palia?

These flow-imbued trees are recognizable for their purple-colored tree trunks, which are noted for the presence of Flow within the tree. Additionally, when in the vicinity of a Flow Tree, a whimsical sound emitting from trees can be heard, alerting players to their location if found.

palia resources guide flow trees how where to find map locations bahari bay the outskirts thorny thicket proudhorn pass
Flow Trees and Flow Tree Groves may have the chance to spawn in the areas surrounding The Outskirts, Thorny Thicket and Proudhorn Pass. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As for noted locations, Bahari Bay appears to have a higher concentration of Flow Trees than Kilima Village, especially with the inclusion of Flow Tree Groves in the game. Specifically, players can roam the areas between The Outskirts, Flooded Steps, Thorny Thicket, and Proudhorn Pass, as Flow Trees tend to spawn more frequently.

Due to the limited availability of Flow Trees, the Flow Tree Grove aimed to address this concern using the feedback they received from players. According to the developer, they'll appear in-game once daily with a maximum of two groves spawning "at a given time" in Bahari Bay, which should encourage more cooperative play amongst its player base.

It's also noted that Flow Trees can spawn at the Flooded Fortress, Hideaway Bluffs, and Beachcomber Cove, although less frequently than the abovementioned locations. The proximity of Fast Travel Boards makes these locations more convenient for farming runs; however, to save Gold, try to use the Glider and sprint to reach these areas.

Like other forageable trees, they also have a health bar; however, it regenerates if players chop it on their own. It's required to have two or more players to help them chop the Flow Tree; the tree can be cut down faster based on the type of Axe utilized, so we advise using the in-game Chat feature and with Flare Arrows to mark its location.

How To Use The Flow-Infused Wood In Palia?

palia resources guide flow trees how to use flow infused wood planks the order furnishing set
Refine Flow-Infused Wood into planks, which can be used in crafting pieces from The Order Furnishing set. (Picture: Singularity 6)

After farming the Flow Trees, players will receive various quantities of Flow-Infused Wood, which depends on the Flow Tree size. These wood logs are requirements for completing two specific quests: Badruu's Friendship Level 3 quest, Music to My Ears, and Caleri's Friendship Level 4 quest, When We Were Young.

Players can obtain the recipe for Flow-Infused Plank by placing the wood in the Basic Sawmill Hopper to produce Flow-Infused Planks. These planks are quest-required items for Sifuu's Friendship Level 4 quest, Memoir Blues, and they can receive planks as rewards after completing Ashura's Friendship Level 3 quest, Capable Courier.

These are primarily used in making the Glow Worm Farm crafter, the Exquisite tool upgrades, and various Furnishing sets, including the Bellflower, Dragontide, Emberborn, and Moonstruck sets. Lastly, one new Furnishing set added to the game, The Order, also requires Flow-Infused Planks to craft each piece, as the blueprints can be acquired from Tish and completing the related quests.

Palia is currently available via the Epic Games Store and in Open Beta for PC, as players can install the game launcher detailed in this guide. The game is now available to download for Nintendo Switch as of 14th December 2023.