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Where To Find & Use Heartwood Logs And Planks In Palia

Wooden you like to know how to best utilize Heartwood logs and planks in crafting beautiful hand-crafted furniture and tool upgrades in Palia.
Where To Find & Use Heartwood Logs And Planks In Palia

As you continuously level up your Skills, you will require better equipment to fish, forage, and mine higher rarity resources. Specifically for the Furniture Making skill, you will start exploring Bahari Bay to acquire them in producing other furniture sets, with Heartwood being one of the many resources to get.

Heartwood is a much sturdier wood type than Sapwood, and its resource is valuable for making tool upgrades for your Axe and Pick, respectively. We’ve explored the neighbor-wood to find the best locations and uses for Heartwood logs and planks in Palia.

How To Get & Use Heartwood Logs In Palia?

Heartwood is a type of wood native to Bahari Bay as they’re recognized for resembling a Fir tree: needles perched onto branches, which shape the tree to look like a large cone with dark brown bark. These trees can be foraged to acquire Heartwood, which can be used for crafting when visiting the Worktable at your housing plot.

palia resources guide heartwood logs how to get how to find map locations bahari bay ancient aquaduct proudhorn pass flooded steps
There are plenty of trees in Bahari Bay where you can chop down to forage Heartwood logs. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

As for obtaining Heartwood logs, you’ll need to have the Standard Axe equipped and some food, as you’ll be spending ample time in Bahari Bay chopping down trees. The best locations where you’ll find plenty of Heartwood trees are on the northern side of Bahari Bay, specifically at the Ancient Aquaduct, Proudhorn Pass, and the Flooded Steps.

You can also find plenty of trees in Pulsewater Plains, where you can farm many Heartwood logs and additional resources like Plant Fiber and tree seeds. The logs are a requirement for two specific quests for Chayne and Nai’o, namely Backbone of the Community and Badruu Blues, but you can refine the logs to get Heartwood Planks.

How To Get & Use Heartwood Planks In Palia?

As stated before, you can process heartwood logs to get Heartwood Planks, which can be used in crafting furniture, decor items, tools, and crafting stations. To achieve this, you’ll need to have plenty of Heartwood logs foraged and the Basic Sawmill station built using the recipe purchased from Ashura.

palia resources guide heartwood planks how to get how to use crafting tools fine axe recipe
Acquire the Fine Axe recipe from Ashura for 100 Gold from the Foraging Guild Store. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

You must reach Foraging Level 2 to buy the recipe for 100 Gold from Ashura’s Foraging Guild Store. Crafting the sawmill requires 40 Sapwood logs, 20 Plant Fibers, and 12 Flint, and the recipe for it to be built at your Worktable before placing it on your housing plot.

Interact with the Basic Sawmill and place the Heartwood logs into the Hopper for them to be processed into planks, which one Heartwood log gives you a plank. This can be used in making the Fine Axe and Pick, which requires Heartwood Planks, and likewise to craft the Heavy Sawmill and Preserves Jar crafters.

Lastly, several furniture sets will require Heartwood Planks as one of the main resources needed for crafting. These include furniture pieces and decor items from the Industrial, Midcentury Modern, and Ravenwood furniture sets, so ensure you have a surplus of Heartwood Planks within your storage boxes or your bag’s Inventory.