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Palia Housing System: How To Build, Craft Furniture & More

Players may start their journey with a tent, but through gameplay progression can build a beautiful house, so here's how to build a home in Palia.
Palia Housing System: How To Build, Craft Furniture & More

Singularity 6's cozy MMO, Palia, has multiple features and mechanics that play a role in furthering your adventures in-game. Aside from its community and social features, one of the game's central components is building and crafting.

Utilizing your skills and the tools acquired or crafted, you can put them to good use when building your dream Palian home. With that said, here's what you need to know about the Housing system, including how to build a home, craft furniture, and more in Palia.

How To Build A Home In Palia?

When starting in the first few minutes of the game, players must pay Ashura, the local innkeeper, a visit at the Ormuu’s Horn in the town square. Here, you’ll be introduced to Hodari, the local miner, who will mentor you in the Mining skill, and he’ll set you up with a large tent that serves as your temporary home.

palia housing guide housing system customization building pitching tent introduction quest mining
Players can learn about the Mining Skil through its Introduction quest from Hodari. (Picture: Singularity 6)

Additionally, you will immediately start the Introduction quest for Mining as you’ll learn how to use a pickaxe, axe, and more handy tools. This also means you’ll have your first allocated plot, which can be used later for building your dream home in Kilima Village.

From here, you can begin construction on your first home, for which you will need to clear out as much of the plot as possible before pitching up your tent. As you’ll need to craft the tent, clearing out the plot will see you harvesting the resources needed, as you will also need to have a workbench placed on the plot.

This workbench serves as your primary crafting station to produce your tent, but you can access various housing options, furniture sets, room types, and more once they become available. The housing system has a custom UI and various building options like snap-to-grid and freeform to rotate and place furniture within your space.

palia housing guide housing system customization building snap to grip placement move place furniture decorations
You have freedom of choice on how to wish to place decorations and furniture items in your home. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As you customize your home, you can enter into different housing customization views to give you a better perspective on making new additions or destroying spaces in your home, like adding or removing walls and doors. Additionally, these options will be unlocked through gameplay progression, giving you more ways to customize or build your dream home.

When adding new additions to your home, whether it be windows, doors, roofs, or a new space, the time it takes to be built using real-world time. Decorations, furnishings, paint, wallpaper, and other interior options generally utilize in-game time for players to add to their homes.

You can also acquire some rare furnishings and decorations, granted you have enough Palia Coins, from the underground market run by Zeki. You can also view other players’ homes to gain inspiration for decorating or creating new spaces or make your home available to other players to view.

How To Set Up Home Permissions In Palia?

palia housing guide housing system customization building snap to grip placement permissions
You can set up permissions to allow certain players to change to your home. (Picture: Singularity 6)

One of the most important aspects of the Housing system is allowing access to your home for other players. As such, privacy is paramount, and should players wish to invite their friends over; they can set up permissions that let players visit your home with or without restrictions.

This can be accessed from the Housing UI in the top-down customization view, and a drop-down menu is on the top of your screen. Here you can customize your permissions on a per-player basis as you can give certain players or friends various roles like editor, which lets them make changes to your home.

Visitors are restricted to specific activities or things they can do when visiting your home, like interacting with furniture to sit. This can be extremely useful if you have multiple plots and homes, especially if striving to achieve specific goals with friends in-game.

How To Craft Furniture & Decorations In Palia?

palia housing guide housing system customization building inspiration furniture making skill
You can begin crafting furniture by mastering the Furniture Making skill with Tish as your mentor. (Picture: Singularity 6)

As you start your adventures in Palia, you will have access to eight primary skills, which you will learn and become proficient under the tutelage of a skilled master. If you wish to craft beautiful decorations and furnishings for your home, learn the Furniture Making skill under the guidance of the local carpenter, Tish.

Not only does practicing furniture-making increase your expertise but leveling it up will make more items available, like tools, blueprints, and more. To begin crafting furniture, you must have a workbench placed on your plot or inside your home, and by accessing the UI, you can view the available blueprints.

Remember that you must also have the necessary resources to craft a decoration or furniture piece, and mastering the Mining skill can help here. Once you have crafted a decoration or furniture piece, you can place it within your space using the freeform or snap-to-grid placement option.

Additionally, as you level up your Furniture Making skill, you can visit Tish, who may have exclusive rewards to hand out. These could be new blueprints, decorations, and furnishing items that can be placed in your home or crafted later.