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Where To Get & Use Sapwood Logs And Planks In Palia

Sapwood is an essential resource mainly used in crafting, but how can one acquire them and, importantly, get Sapwood Planks in Palia?
Where To Get & Use Sapwood Logs And Planks In Palia

Crafting is one of many game aspects players can take advantage of and is central to a handful of Skills once you have your worktable on your housing plot. Therefore, farming various resources is vital if you wish to craft or upgrade tools and other craftables, and Sapwood is such a resource.

This resource is available throughout Killima Village and Bahari Bay and will be required in Furniture Making and the Housing system. So, we’ve dusted our worktable to help you know how to get and use Sapwood logs and planks in Palia.

How To Get & Use Sapwood Logs In Palia?

By far the most valuable resource to forage, Sapwood is commonly used in crafting multiple tools, furniture, and decor items in Palia. They‘re also used when constructing and expanding your home to add more rooms, granted you have purchased neighboring plots.

palia resources guide sapwood how to get how to use sapwwod logs chopping trees foraging skill
You can acquire Sapwood logs by using an axe to chop down trees and looting the bundle. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

Naturally, to acquire Sapwood logs, you must first have the standard axe, which you can receive from Ashura when meeting him for the first time at Ormuu’s Horn Inn. He will also serve as the Skill Master for the Foraging skill, which you’ll use to chop down trees found throughout Killima Village and Bahari Bay.

When approaching a tree, click the left button on your mouse to begin chopping a tree, and once completed, hit the F key to loot the bundle. This will be added to your Inventory, where you can craft various items like the wooden chest, Campfire, Log Cabin Dining Chair, and Table to be placed outside, in your tent, or inside your home.

How To Get & Use Sapwood Planks In Palia?

Now, Sapwood logs can be used in various tools, furniture, and decor items crafted in Palia; once you’ve leveled up your Foraging skill, various items will require Spawood logs, including building your home. Getting Sapwood Planks does require you need Sapwood logs, but you will need to process them to obtain these planks.

palia resources guide sapwood how to get how to use sapwwod planks basic sawmill foraging skill ashura
You can purchase a Basic Sawmill required for the Plank By Plank quest by finding Ashura and spending 100 Gold. (Picture: Singularity 6 / Ashleigh Klein)

After completing the Home, Sweet Home quest, you’ll receive two new skill quests, Brick By Brick and Plank By Plank, which the latter guides you on obtaining Sapwood Planks. To complete this quest, you need to complete the following objectives:

  1. Obtain the recipe for a Basic Sawmill from Ashura at Foraging level 2
  2. Build and place the Basic Sawmill on your plot
  3. Craft a sapwood plank

Buying the Basic Sawmill from Ashura will cost 100 Gold when visiting him either at Ormuu’s Horn Inn or when he’s out on his daily walks at the Remembrance Garden. Once you’re back at your housing plot, head to your worktable to begin crafting the Basic Sawmill, which requires the following resources:

  • Sapwood x40
  • Flint x12
  • Plant Fiber x20

After its crafted, place it anywhere on your housing plot where interacting with it will allow you to process Sapwood logs into planks where one log crafts one plank. Once it’s done, you can collect them from the sawmill to add to your Inventory, and this completes the Plank By Plank skill quest and learning how to get Sapwood Planks in Palia.