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How To Catch Striped Sturgeon Fish In Palia

If you want to catch a Striped Sturgeon in Palia, you need to know where and when to find it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about this uncommon fish and how to reel it in.
How To Catch Striped Sturgeon Fish In Palia
Singularity 6

If you're wondering how to catch Striped Sturgeon in Palia, then you're in luck. Striped Sturgeon is one of the many uncommon fish that appears at a certain location, and players can only catch it at a specific time.

Since these aspects are not mentioned in the game, you may need help catching Striped Sturgeon in Palia before you can use it for cooking or selling. So without any further delay, let's dive into the details.

Where To Find Striped Sturgeon In Palia

Striped Sturgeon fish location in Palia
Striped Sturgeon fish location in Palia. (Picture: MapGenie Interactive Map)

Striped Sturgeon can only be found at Fishermna's Lagoon in Kilima Village. You can travel on foot, ride a mount, or use fast travel if you’ve unlocked the waypoint.

You’ll need a fishing rod and worm bait to catch the Striped Sturgeon. These items can be purchased from the fishing shop in Kilima Village or crafted using materials if available. It's also worth noting that upgrading your fishing rod will improve your chances of catching uncommon fish.

What's The Best Time To Catch Striped Sturgeon Fish In Palia?

The best time to catch a Striped Sturgeon is in the evening and night
The best time to catch a Striped Sturgeon is in the evening and night. (Picture: Singularity 6)

The Striped Sturgeon tends to be more active and inclined to bite during dusk or at nighttime. You can determine the time by looking at the sky or checking your menu.

How To Catch Striped Sturgeon In Palia

Once you’ve selected your desired fishing spot and time, casting your line is as simple as pressing the button on your controller or keyboard. You will then have to wait for a fish to bite your bait.

When you get a bite, swiftly press another button to hook the fish and start reeling it toward you. After that, you’ll participate in a mini-game where you need to find the balance between the tension in your fishing line and your fish’s stamina. The Striped Sturgeon is known for its strength and stubbornness, so it’s crucial to be patient and cautious while reeling it in.

Once you successfully catch the Striped Sturgeon, key information such as its name, size, weight, and rarity will be displayed on your screen. Additionally, you’ll earn experience points and coins as rewards for your catch.