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Palia Discord Server Links And How To Join

Players can join the official Palia Discord server for the latest game news, connect with fellow Palians, share their Refer-A-Friend link, and more.
Palia Discord Server Links And How To Join

MMO players looking for a brand new gaming experience have been anticipating their turn to join in the excitement of Singularity 6’s debut release, Palia. After months of Alpha testing, the developer will invite players to join the Beta testing period and explore what Kilima Village offers.

While your gaming experience can be done as a solo player; however, being a community sim game, it’s best when adventuring with a few friends and joining their Discord server can help you out. If you need to learn how to join this growing community, here’s how to join the official Palia Discord server.

What Is The Palia Official Discord Server?

The official Discord server for the community sim cozy MMO, Palia, is hosted and run by its game developer, Singularity 6, for players to join the dedicated community. This Discord server will also serve as one of the main platforms for fellow Palians to connect and make new friends, discuss Palia-related news, and chat with the developers.

palia social features guide official discord server how to join community channels chat
Joining the Palia Discord server can be beneficial, especially for providing information, to new players when starting out in-game. (Picture: Singularity 6)

There will also be a community-orientated category where players can share their non-gaming interests like books, films, and music, other games they're playing, and share food and pet pictures. When exploring the official Discord server, players can opt-in to follow specific channels on topics that interest them or to avoid getting spammed with too many Discord notifications.

While there are plenty of channels and categories to explore, Palians should explore and follow these categories and channels to keep up-to-date with the latest Palia news:

  • Info & Updates: Players can follow this category to get the latest news and updates on Palia from the server moderators and developers in the Game News channel.
  • Ask The Team: If you have an in-game question or bug to report, you can read the How To Ask channel guidelines before submitting your questions and queries in the Submit Your Question channel and receive answers in the Team Answers channel.
  • Ormuu's Horn Inn: Named after the in-game inn, players can socialize with fellow Palians in one of the many chat channels and share your referral link in the Refer-A-Friend channel.

Players must remember that they must read the Server Rules to understand and adhere to the Community Guidelines outlined, including treating fellow Palians with kindness and respect, no self-promotion, and respecting their boundaries. Lastly, all communications, including chatting with players and submitting questions to the developers, are conducted in English, so adhere to this requirement.

How To Join The Palia Official Discord Server?

As the Palia official Discord server is run by the social media team for its game developer, Singularity 6, joining their Discord server is relatively straightforward. Granted that players have created a Discord account, whether it's via a web browser or the official app for desktop or mobile devices, all you need is the official invite link and the following steps listed below:

  • Using your preferred web browser, click or copy and paste the server invite link in the search bar
  • After being redirected to the Discord server invite page, click on the "Continue to Discord" button to be taken to the Discord server
  • You'll be brought to the server's Lobby channel, where you'll need to complete the following three steps:
    • Introduce yourself in the Introductions channel
    • View the Server Directory channel
    • Check out the game's official artwork to complete the "Get Started" process

Once you have joined the server and completed the steps, you have successfully joined the Palia Discord server. You can continue browsing through the server channels, meet up with fellow players, view the latest game news and updates and reach out to the development team if you require game support.