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Palia Mailing System: How To Use In-Game Mail & Send Gifts

Palia will have a mailing system where you can receive mail, gifts, and the Refer-A-Friend program rewards, with more features coming soon.
Palia Mailing System: How To Use In-Game Mail & Send Gifts

The mailing system is important as it establishes communications between the developers and their player base, but it can also be utilized for other in-game purposes. In Palia, besides relaying in-game mail and notices from the developer, it will also foster friendships between Villagers by forwarding letters.

It’s also been made clear that the in-game mail system will be used for gift-giving and receiving rewards which will be available for a limited time to claim. This guide discusses how Palia’s in-game mailing system works, what it will be used for, and how you can send gifts to friends and random players.

How To Use The In-Game Mailbox In Palia?

As detailed in a support FAQ post for the cozy MMO, Palia, developer Singularity 6 outlined, the game will feature an in-game mail system with a mailbox in your plot. The mailing system will be pivotal for players when receiving in-game announcements, important notices, and, of course, rewards.

palia mailing guide mailing system mailbox concept artwork art design
A concept art design for the in-game mailbox players can use in Palia. (Picture: Singularity 6)

This mailbox will also see you receive mail and other items which can be mailed to you from fellow Villagers. Although, as it stands, you will only be able to receive mail, gifts, and other items from Villagers; however, the developer will make the mailing system available to send and receive items from your online friends.

To use the in-game mailbox, you will likely need to visit the mailbox posted on your plot and interact with the mailbox. Here, you will enter its UI, and you can view, read and receive your mail, gifts, and other items from Villagers, and you can also receive game mail and rewards.

Speaking of the latter, you will also be able to receive system mail and gifts, although it’s not clear if this includes login and in-game event rewards. What has been confirmed as part of the Refer-A-Friend program, should you have referred five friends to create and sign in accounts for Palia, your rewards will be posted to you, and you can collect them from your mailbox.

Can You Send Gifts To Friends In Palia?

In addition to receiving mail, gifts, and more from the system and Villagers in Palia, the mailbox can send gifts to online friends and random players. While the developer has expressed making gift-giving more meaningful for players, they must also address security and protection features to make this possible.

This is to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring in-game and to hinder players from being subjected to scams and other related activities. As they continue to work on addressing these issues and more in the coming months, this feature will be added to the game in the future, along with the ability to wishlist items to create a robust and positive gift-giving experience entirely.

But for now, players are expected to receive mail and gifts from Villagers and through the Refer-A-Friend program. It’s unconfirmed whether you’ll be able to send mail to Villagers and other players, and as such, we’ll update this article on any new developments regarding the mailing system for Palia.